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Expectation Mismatch

Expectation Mismatch

Expectation Mismatch

Expectation mismatch a difference or disagreement between two facts or aspects of a situation

mismatch between: There is always a certain mismatch between theory and reality.

Having expectations mismatch is no fun and sometimes can be detrimental and even fatal.

This is a based on a true account of a story of a 2-year-old Springer Spaniel named Charlie. Recently I have started to work with this Client, his name is Johnson, and he had a 2 years old, handsome Springer Spaniel, Name, Charlie.

As Charlie is a young puppy, he is so excited and too much for his family to handle. After feeling helpless in handling Charlie, Johnson went on for the Search of Positive Dog Trainers to address Charlie’s issues.

However, the search has found to be both tiring and uneventful. Johnson had engaged Four, 4 Dog Trainers before engaging us and found all four with major expectation mismatch.

Here were the accounts of the 4 engaged Dog Trainers;

First Dog Trainer The training concept is Corrective based, resulting in Charlie not willing to respond to his owners as the events have been negative. Charlie was punished to come to the owners, making it so negative for both the dog and owners.

Second Dog Trainer The training concept is Corrective based, belief in the Dominance Theory. Recommending Alpha Rollover. Whenever Charlie refuses or did not respond in time, you are to perform an Alpha Rollover to gain dominance over him. Such a hard technique caused Charlie to lose trust in the owners and started to avoid contacts with them.

Third Dog Trainer Claimed to be a positive trainer, however, recommended to shake the dog up if he refuses to respond or obey. The shaking tremors has resulted in Charlie, losing trust in people and trainer.

Fourth Dog Trainer Claimed to be positive and a purist, who employ only positive training. She came and did not show any concern on Charlie and when Charlie refuses to respond, she dragged him straight to the bathroom as punishment. This punishment was too much for the owners to take.

Final Dog Trainer

And lastly, they found us. I am the fifth engaged dog trainer. I admired the courage and determination of the owners to continue to search for the correct trainer.

After my first visit, the owners were so happy, impressed and delighted to find someone eventually to be able to help and address Charlie issues and concerns constructively and positively. Both dog and owners love the exercises, the activities, the positive results and the fun we see the whole family is visible and encouraging.

I urge all responsible dog owners to be mindful when you are selecting and choosing a Professional Dog Trainers. Be aware of all the Positive Spin.

Not all written and stated on the websites are correct and accurate.

Here are some pointers;

  • Ask to speak with the Dog Trainer,

  • Talk about the training techniques and how to actually train a particular behaviour. It’s NOT about using treats, to classify as Positive Dog Trainers,

  • Are they using the leash as a correction in their training concept,

  • Are they using markers in their TRAINING SYSTEM, if they don’t, they are unlikely to be using positive reinforcement training?

  • Read the client’s reviews,

  • Ask to pay a visit to their class to see whether are the existing dogs in the class feeling excited and happy about training?

Should the trainer refuses your visit to their classes, it will be a RED FLAG to you. Do not put your precious dog’s life in the hands of these untrained professional.

I found this quote appropriate and I would love to share here ;

You wouldn’t choose the cheapest car; You wouldn’t choose the cheapest vacation; You wouldn’t choose the cheapest education; You wouldn’t choose the cheapest house;

Why Would You choose the cheapest Dog Training Class for your dog?

Choose wisely, you owe it to your pup to be a good and responsible guardian.

To YOU, He is just a dog,


Always stay positive and have fun.

Dexter Sim

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