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Our goal is to enhance and build a better quality life for you and your dog/s through the various dog activities available, be it as Pet Dog Training or Competition Dog Training.

This way we will also help refine the communication skills between you and your dog.

We believe in working on the response system of the dog than through physical pressure like a pop on the leash. Working your dog through positive dog training techniques.

Our Trainers: Testimonials
Debra Sim CPDT

Debra Sim is a Dual Champions TOP Trainer and is a Certified WMA Dog Agility Instructor.

Debra is both an Agility & Obedience Judges.


Debra has judged in our USDAA International Dog Agility Sanctioned Trials. She has been invited to Judge Obedience and Agility in Malaysia (KL & Penang) and the Philippines.


She has also showcase dog agility sports in one of the children's variety programme in Kidz Central. Debra has been organising numerous International Workshops and Seminars including Pet's Day Out Events, Just For Fun (JFF) Dog Sports Matches, ANF Great Outdoor Challenge, Yio Chu Kang's National Day Observance Ceremony Flyball Demo, FIRST Flygility Demo, Robertson Walk Pet's Fashion Show-cum-Slam Dunk Demo, 30 seconds Paws to Fame Challenge & training a Star Dog 'Sharpie, BOO' in the 'One Last Dance' screened in 2006 Sundance Film Festival.


Debra has been involved with obedience & agility since 2001, and considered as one of the pioneers of dog sport, since the early years of agility. She has always been innovative, putting herself through various training & handling techniques so that she can stay current with her skill sets. Debra is always in search of ways to improve performance, raise the standard of training, but not forgetting the safety & the fun for her dogs

Debra Sim, WMA Certified Agility Instructor
Founder, Chief Instructor

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