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"A Training method is only successful to you if you fully understand it and feel comfortable with it"
The Dog Trainer

What is a thinking dog?

"The thinking dog" is a confident, happy working animal who understands fully what he is expected to do on any given command, enjoys meeting new challenges, is rarely bored with obedience and can be fine-tuned to the utmost accuracy.

PUPS Dog Training School is committed to improving the owner-dog relationship through a more positive approach. Our emphasis is on teaching the right behaviours and rewarding them. By focusing on what your dog is doing right and helping him to know what that is, you get your dog’s cooperation and teach him to want to please you. We have found that this positive dog training approach builds trust, stronger skills learning retention and a much stronger bond than correction based methods.  

We offer a comprehensive and innovative Life Skills Levels Program designed to better meet people’s individual needs and give each dog the time he needs to learn. Our life skills levels program not only teaches practical pet dog training that every dog needs to know with a big dose of fun thrown in but skills that are needed to build an enthusiastic learner throughout the dog's lifetime.  

Our positive dog training methods are the development of clear understanding, provides dog and handler with a relationship of powerful communication with positive motivational techniques that produce dogs that excel in obedience both at home and in the obedience ring.

Our teaching methods presented encourage and cultivate dog's thinking abilities believing that dogs learn by trial and error. We encourage dogs by removing correction from incorrect responses as a result, the dogs do not fear failure and are taught to exercise options in a quest for the correct desired behaviour.

Knowing how devoted, trusting and hardworking a dog can be, it seems tragically simplistic for people to think that the only way to get the dog to perform simple obedience tasks is to either bribe him with food every time or repeatedly force him with corrections. What has happened to the relationship with man's best friend in dog obedience training? Do dogs today no longer wish to please? We believe the problem lies with the trainer who does not take time to build a relationship with their dogs before and throughout training. A sound working relationship is built on trust, honesty and mutual respect. The dog over time learns to totally trust his trainer and vice versa

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