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Facts about Dog Agility Training

Dog Agility Series - Dog Agility Dilemma, RC or 2o2o!

PUPS Agility Training

Dog Agility Training Singapore has been the talking point. When you get yourself very soaked into Dog Agility, RC - Running Contact or 2o2o - 2-On and 2-Off are skills we learn how to apply to different groups of Agility Regions, be it, the European or the United States Styles of Running. European Groups are FCI, UKI, EO while the USA Groups are USDAA and AKU. Each region offers different challenges to the competitors.

For the beginners for Dog Agility Training and those who are new to Dog Agility, let me explain what are the Contacts Obstacle in the Agility Ring. Dog Walk, A-frame and Teeter are three different type of Contacts Obstacles. Regardless of RC or 2o2o, both are good and effective in handling contacts.

Dog Walk, Teeter and A-Frame are part of dog agility training equipment.

What is the objective and the completion of the Contact Obstacles?

Dog Agility Training

The Dog Walk or DW Contact is a balancing beam obstacle. The three rules apply are ;

1. On the Up-Ram, your pup will need to touch the colour, (some organization doesn't count the up contact) 2. On the Down-Ram, your pup will need to touch the colour and 3. On the Safety Aspect, your pup need to have 4-paws rules.

The A-frame or AF Contact Obstacle