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Pitfall of Corrective Based Training Systems

Stressful dog

If you look into the 4 Quadrants of Operant Conditioning, there are consequences in any behaviour; Positive Reinforcement, Positive Punishment, Negative Reinforcement and Negative Punishment.

To understand this concept better, you need to know when is Learning done?

A + B + C = LEARNING Antecedent + Behaviour + Consequence = Learning

All behaviours are modifiable by its consequences. In fact, whether you like it or not, all behaviours are constantly changing, as behaviours are dynamic and not static.

Should you leave behaviour without reinforcement, it will be changed by its consequences. Learning is done when A + B + C is present.


4 Quadrant of Reinforcement Training

In the Quadrant of Reinforcement, we have the Category of Reinforcement, which is the increase of the likelihood of the repeated behaviours, which contain both the Positive and Negative Reinforcement. While the Category of Punishment, the decrease of the likelihood of the repeated behaviours, which contain Positive and Negative Punishment.

In the Training Paradigm, which is a Model of Training, we can refer to the attached diagram above.

In the Laboratory, the + and – equal to Add or Subtract. It is a mathematical formula. To add is to put in something, while to subtract is to take way something. In this Paradigm, we are talking about adding or subtracting something into the operant environment. In the regiment of Corrective Based Training System, they are using more on the quadrant of Negative Reinforcement and Negative Punishment. However, I believe they do use the Positive Punishment quadrant as well.

Even though the results in corrective based training is without a doubt, here I urge you to consider a more humane approach to Dog Training.

The pitfall of Corrective based Training. Your pup will be as below;

  • Nervy

  • Fearful

  • Aggressive

  • No Trust

  • Broken Spirit

  • Passive

  • No Attitude

  • No change of emotion

Dog Training under such regime where the only consistency is punishment. In the correction based regime the most worrying phenomenon is the escalation of punishments as handlers believe, the more I hurt my dog, the message will be driven home.

Is with such predicament, I am worried about our dogs, the pain, torments, hardships, the dogs have to overcome during training.

In dog training routines under such techniques as in correction based, I think it should not surprise us that our dog becomes nervy, fearful as they constantly fear for being punished. Every step of the way could lead to destruction. Such Training regime begets untrustworthy in the animal mind.

Too much punishment will lead to aggression, as our dog is forced to learn to defend themselves. Under such constant punishing consequences, we force our dog to become passive, no willing to try, bad attitude, and the worst of it a broken spirit.