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Agility Series - Warm up Routine

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Agility Series - Warm-Up routine for Agility Dog!

Warm-up in Chinese is 暖身! As the Chinese Character perfectly describe - 暖身, is to warm-up your body.

Profession Human Athletes never fail to do their warm-up. Like the Professional Soccer Players, they will usually perform 30-45 minutes of warm-up before their actual Soccer Match.

The warm-up is used to prepare the body for activity. The core purposes are to race your heart rate and breathing, rise in body temperature, and also mentality and physically prepare the body for exercise. The warm-up should consist of 5-10 minutes of low-to-moderate intensity, before getting into the actual exercise.

The increase of blood flow to the muscles will improve the delivery of oxygen and nutrients; warms your muscles, which promotes activation of the muscles get ready for stretch reflex, an automatic response your body has when a muscle is lengthened.

Warm-ups are crucial because it gets your muscles ready for activity. Without warming up, you not only risk injury but you also get less from your workout or exercise.

Advantages of a Proper Warm-Up.

Warming up prepares your heart, lungs, and muscles for the more strenuous stage, the main focus of your workout.

Muscle temperature increases: Warm muscles both contract more forcefully and relaxes more quickly, reducing the risk of over-stretching and causing injury.

USDAA Dog Agility

Likewise for Dog Agility, warming up for our agility dog is both important and necessary. Below are the warm-up exercises that I use to do with my agility dog.

1. Walk to Brisk Walk to Running,

Walking is a very good warm-up exercise as it activates his mind and body to prepare for more strenuous exercise. To further race his heartbeat, breathing and body temperature, a brisk walk to running for 3-5 minutes, will get it going.

2. Tugging,

Tugging is overall warming up exercise. A good bite will stretch and allow the flow of blood to the muscles. The tugging action provides the flexing of the neck, upper body and lower body of your dog. Tugging left and right gives your dog the opportunity to flex all the paws muscles as your agility dog pursue the tugging phase.

3. Turns - Left and Right,

Left and right turns in a circle, allows your agility dog to flex their right and left body muscles for sudden left and right turns that are crucial in Dog Agility.

4. Bow,

The Bowing position stretches the fore-limps and contracts the hind muscles, providing a good and proper stretch for your agility dog.

5. Massages on the muscle-groups on 4 paws and lastly,

Massages phase is important as it allows you to muscle and warming up the actual muscle on the forelimbs, tucking his fore joints before moving to his hind limbs and tucking the hind joints. This relaxes and stretches your agility dog