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Build a Post - Trials Routine!

Build a post-trials routine

Build a Post-Trials Routine!

Building a Post-Trials Routine, what do you mean? In my previous article on Pre-Trials Routine, we have discussed on the following, now we focus on the Post-Trials Routine.

Below are the trail of events or activities after the Competition.

The Warm Down

The warm down segment is necessary regardless of your Dog Sports Discipline, be it Competitive Dog Obedience or Dog Agility Competition. In the context of Competitive Dog Obedience, warm down segment gives you the opportunity to prepare your dog for any runoff event. Especially, when the competition is tight, we will have dogs with tied position, a run-off exercise is a fair way to differentiate the better-performed dog from the other.

Whereas in Dog Agility Competition, we use the warm down segment to warm down our dogs physically and mentally. A properly warm down dog will be in better shape for the next competition.

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Reconnect with the Fun

Reconnect with the fun. This is a vital step in my opinion as I want my dog to know how well he has done and how appreciative I am for the performance he has put forward.

To Me, this is also an appreciation time for me to show how supportive I am, regardless of the results. If you compete regular, you will see handlers just stuff their dogs into their crate and start engaging with their anxious activity, leaving his dog, thinking how bad he must have done to get such low or no attention from the handlers.

This is the reinforcement opportunity, I’m not talking about mark and pay your dog here, but by giving the crave food is a vital and critical reinforcement.

The Winding-down

After receiving the news on the results, trophies, ribbons and dog’s food prizes, it’s time to head home. The winding down process is the most unheard of. No one will even take notice of the winding down period.