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Evolution of Dog Sport, Dog Agility & the Working Dog.

Dog Sports in Singapore

The Evolution of Dog Sports is the Foremost EXHIBITION of dog breeding speciality and/or canine genetic versatility to its personal perspective and specific functionality.


To ensure our discussion make sense, I will focus specifically on DOG AGILITY.

Dog Agility as a dog sport has been set up by a group of dog lovers in late 1970s in the United Kingdom. A group of like Minded People in the United States later introduced Dog Agility to North America and the bloom of this Great Dog Agility Sport to the World is history.

However, Dog Agility was introduced in Singapore in the 1980s. Back then, the organising groups are the Singapore Kennel Club and The German Shepherd Dog Club Singapore.

The Singapore Kennel Club has been a member of FCI for the longest time. However, SKC only participated FCI in the Conformation Dog Shows.

The year 2008, it's the birth of USDAA Singapore and we have been actively competing in Dog Agility Competitions. The very FIRST Team Singapore has represented Dog Agility World Championship was in 2007 at Cynosport World Games, which coincides with 20th Running of the Grand Prix of Dog Agility.

Dog Agility, Agility PUPS

20 Years of Grand Prix Dog Agility Championship

1988-1992 Houston, Texas 1993 San Antonio, Texas 1994 Houston, Texas 1995 San Antonio, Texas 1996 Ventura, California 1997-1999 Moreland Hills, Ohio 2000-2001 Del Mar, California 2002-2003 Irving, Texas 2004-2007 Scottsdale, Arizona

The Members in Team Singapore are Ms Debra Sim with Keesha (Aust Shepherd) and Mr Dexter Sim with Max (Border Collie). They were ranked 80th and 59th respectively after competing with 2,000 + competitors all around the World.

After the inception of USDAA in Singapore, we have reached a sizeable crowd of 50-60 strong regular competitors. Is with the love of the Sport of Dog Agility and of course the love of our dogs, Singapore started to growth with IFCS, UKI, WAO and FCI.

I remember vaguely back in the 2000s, the winners of the Dog Agility Competitions were the German Shepherd Dogs. You will not see the fast dogs such as JRT, GR, BC, as these fast breed will be too wild to compete let alone finish the Dog Agility Course and get some placing. It was a good few years for the GSDs.

Was it the training systems or the approaches to Dog Training? The GSDs were winning ONLY because they were very controllable and slow, whereas the rest of the dogs, we're just running and flying around the Dog Agility Course as Free Spirit.

Back then, when I started Dog Agility, I was trained to slow down my BC. Stop at every obstacle with correction, get control and let your dog complete the obstacle. No prize for guessing, I have a SLOW and UNRESPONSIVE Border Collie! I was asked to put a choke chain or e-collar on my dog to provide me for absolute control of my dog. What a letdown, my "Ferrari, BC" have been chained and burdened and turn into a "Saloon-Car, BC"

Thank God, with the advancement of IT and the Internet, we all learn new skills and our quest for continuous learning goes on and on ...

The year 2001-2006

In the first 6 Years of 21st Century, even though Positive Reinforcement Dog Training has gained extensive exposures, we in Singapore was still in our Dominance and Corrective Based Training Concept.

The year 2007-2010

The Year 2007-2008 was a turning point. We started USDAA, United States Dog Agility Association, Dog Agility Sanctioned Trials by PUPS Dog Training School and we even went to compete in the International Dog Agility World Championships to test our skills.

Is with this competitive mindset, we started the Qwest to do Dog Agility at our very best.

The year 2011-2015

These periods, Singapore welcomes the IFCS by Smart Doggie Academy, UKI by Clean Run Agility Club. We were exposed to European Style of Dog Agility.

The year 2016 - PRESENT

The Singapore Kennel Club managed to start organizing FCI Trials and us, Singapore from Quarterly Dog Agility Competitions to a near Monthly Dog Agility Competitions frequency.

We are also doing our own local qualifier, to send our dogs to WAO (World Agility Open), FCI, EO (European Open) and IFCS.

Is with the commitment of All these Dog Lovers, we have to transform Singapore into a Dog Agility PowerHouse.

FCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale USDAA - United States Dog Agility Association Cynosport World Games UKI - UK Agility International IFCS - International Federation of Cynological Sports WAO - World Agility Open EO - European Open

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