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Dog Sports Training in Singapore - Part 2

Dog Sports Training Discipline available in the Singapore - Part 2

Dog Agility Singapore, PUPS Agility

Dog Obedience is also a Dog Sports Training Discipline, but we are not talking about Pet Dog Obedience, we talking about Competitive Obedience and also known as Dog Obedience Competition.

Type of Dog Sports Training Discipline available;

- Competitive Obedience*

- Dog Agility*

- Nose work or detection work

- Disc Dogging or Frisbee*

- Flyball*

- Doggy Dancing*

*dog sports available in local & international competitions

In this series, we are focusing on the dog training of DISC DOGGING, FLYBALL and DOGGY DANCING.


Dog Frisbee, Disc Dogging

Disc Dogging of Dog Frisbee is a easier field as in all you need a flying disc or frisbee and a dog that is willing to play fetch. The essential skill sets are reliable retrieve, willing to fly and catch a frisbee and you can put together great choreography and freestyle displays and you form a GREAT DISC DOGGING TEAM.

In the field of Competitive Disc Dogging, the challenges are the SINGLE DISC Event, the LONGEST CATCH and the DISC FREESTYLE. The Team with the highest scores will win the event.


Flyball Dog, Flyball PUPS