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How to deal with Separation Anxiety in Dog?

Dog Separation Anxiety Solutions

How to deal with Separation Anxiety in Dog?

How to break a dog's separation anxiety? First let us look at what is Separation Anxiety? Separation Anxiety or SA in dog means the Canine becomes restless, hyperventilation, stress, overheating, excessive panting, peeing, pooping, self destruction, whinning, barking etc ... this happens whenever the human owner left the home and leave the dog himself HOME ALONE.

30%-40% of the psychological issues in dogs, diagnose as in Separation Anxiety. This is an alarming statistic. 

However before you jump the Gun and claim your dog is having Separation Anxiety, we need to rule out the similarity of signs such as over ventilating,  excessive panting, lack of appetite, peeing and pooing indoor, restless, can be side effects of Medication.

Another medical symptom is incontinence, it may be a sign of kidney disease, UTIs, diabetes and possible other sickness. 

Excitement Urination or Submissive Urination can be another effect.

Please check if your Vet if your dog is under medication and to rule out as medication cause. 

Here's FIVE (5) Dog Training Tips for you to explore to minimise and assist your dog to overcome Separation Anxiety.

1. Station Training - To set up focus station to create opportunity to leave your puppy for a while and return. If your puppy remain calm, you need reward him. Time can be in incremental of 5 seconds ... 5, 10, 15, 20... 60 seconds

2. Provide continuous stimulation even when you are away. You can use ICE CUDE hide with fruits or stuff up your CONE TOY with yummy treats. Such stimulation will help your puppy to find his alone time as positive and not negative.

3. Work out your puppy. You can create a daily routine of morning walks or a game of fetch or a good game of tug. It will provide some good stimulation and your puppy will be satisfied of being home alone.

4. Create Play Stations - You can create some station of plays while you are away. Like hide-n-seek, find the food etc are excellent games to engage your puppy.

5. Personal Space - You need to start creating personal space for your puppy. Like sleeping in the crate. Sleep separate from your bedroom. 

If you need a professional help, please call Dexter@+65-8774 0168 , Email: or visit our website for details.

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