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Anticipation in Dog Training ...

Anticipation in Dog Training...

Dog Training

Anticipation is excitement, waiting eagerly for something you know is going to happen. ... Anticipation can be a nervous expectation, like when the birthday party waited in anticipation for Elmer to walk in so they could surprise him. However, anticipation can also mean to be like a Boy Scout: prepared.

In Obedience Training, anticipation is a welcome behaviour. When a dog begins to anticipate, it's a sign of learning.

However in Competitive Obedience this is detrimental behaviour, it will usually caused you a DQ. (Disqualification) In Obedience Trials, you cannot be penalized for any major or minor imperfection, as such minor points might be the saver of the day if you would to be fighting for the top spots.

The Power of Positive Reinforcement is as we allow, encourage and reward our dog to offer behaviours. If your dog is use to get C/T on a SIT, if you increases your criteria, he will continue offers other behaviours beside the SIT in expectation to get you1r recognition - this is the Power of offering behaviours.

Lets take a look at the other equilibrium, the correction based techniques. Here, we are not discussing on the effectiveness of training methods but rather the state of mind of your dog and the impact you have on them based on technique of choice of engagement.

In correction based techniques, your dog will always be punished and punishment seems to be the constant. In so doing, you have accidentally taught your dog, it's safer not to do anything, because any other behaviours then the correct behaviour will be met with punishment. Dog under such regime will forgo thinking and locked themselves in the bubble of denial.

In contrast, Positive Reinforcement Training encourage your dog to get out of the norm. In doing the out of box thinking, it is match with funs, excitements and reinforcements. This state of mind continue to allow our dog to flourish and stimulated and be creative.

Here are the benefits that will encourage you to embark on positive reinforcement training;

1. A Thinking Dog,

2. A dog that not fret;

3. A Confident Dog;

4. A Happy Dog;

5. Knows exactly what is expected &

6. A dog that will not be bored in training.

  • A Thinking Dog

A Thinking Dog is one that activate his full senses to learn and interpret. A thinking dog start to think how he gets the rewards and how he must behave to continue get what he wanted.

  • A dog that don't fret

One must have character or attitude is 'never say die' attitude. Dogs that are train in reward based concept will never give up. It's a great sight to see your dog giving you all his repertoire of skills in order to win the rewards. Only dog that don't fret or not afraid of attempting new things that produce such quality.

  • A Confident Dog

A confident dog will continue to engage you in training eventhough it does not goes according to his plans. A confident dog will produce behaviours with great precision as he is determine to win your acceptance.

  • A Happy Dog

A happy dog is one that love challenges, know his rights and knowing only how to enjoy the funs in the pretext of challenges you've presented in training.

  • A dog that knows the expectation

A dog that can predict the outcome is one that know exactly what is expected in training. He knows what to do, how to do it and when to do it in order to win your attention and rewards.

  • A dog that is not bored

Knowing what is expected provide cues and tips that a expected and comfortable outcome will be guaranteed. A dog that armed with such knowledge will never get bored in training.

In conclusion, if you want a thinking, confident, happy, never say die, know what's expected and a never be bored dog, you must start exploring and get engage in Positive Reinforcement and/or Reward Based Training Techniques.

Look at a fun, positive, humane, rewarding and scientific training technique and start training your dog properly and responsibly.

Both you and your dog bond, relationship, attentiveness will improve leap and bound. Don't look further, embrace a well accepted techniques and start enjoying the great fun of dog ownership.

Have fun and stay positive.

Dexter Sim, Dog Training

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