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Play Versus Engagement!

Personal Play Versus Engagement!

Play versus Engagement in Dog Training

In Dog Training or in any dog's sports discipline, PLAY and ENGAGEMENT are TWO very important element that needs to be present in training. Without them is like asking you for a game of football, where you will not like nor interested in. Without the INTEREST or PASSION, your new found hobby will not last a mile.

However, in Dog Training, we know we can pair a subject of not interest with something interesting and thus able to get our dog to love the subject over a series of Classical Conditioning and Counterconditioning.

Before I can explain why the need of PLAY Versus ENGAGEMENT, I think it is better to know what the WORD is being defined in the dictionary.

PLAY - engage in an activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.

ENGAGEMENT - an arrangement to do something or go somewhere at a fixed time.

In the life cycle of Dog Training; we have the following;

1. Acquisition 2. Consistency through Physical cue, 3. Association with Verbal Cue, 4. Repetition is the Key and lastly 5. Call On Demand.

In the above-mentioned stages, we need to put either PLAY or ENGAGEMENT into each stage to ensure good success and of course an Obedient dog.

What I know if you add some fun doses into the equation, Dog Training will be of great fun!

Let goes back to basic. The play is the element of getting interested in your dog. Take time to build the fun, play, reinforce, play, bond, play, builds trust, play and it goes on and on ...

Once you manage to get or able to draw the attention of your dog, it will be good, if you can build an Engagement as a setup routine. Every time this routine of Engagement, it will lead to training and NOT PLAY.

Engagement is often regarded as turn-on key in Dog Training. Once your Engagement as Setup Key is established, you can dive start into training following the Life Cycle of Dog Training as a guide.

In any Dog Training, if you stick to the 2 Golden Rules, you will not go wrong.

RULE 1 - If you want the behaviour to be repeated, you make the situation fun, positive and reinforcing.

RULE 2 - If you don’t want a behaviour to be repeated, you will make the situation negative, no fun and not rewarding.

Have fun & stay positive!

Dexter Sim

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