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Am I a responsible owner?

Am I a responsible owner?

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This is a very big topic and we can approach it in many angles. But today, I want you to focus on what you can do to be a responsible dog owner.

Is it a standard to achieve? No, it is our duty as dog owners, what we can do minimally. Since you have given a great home to your dog, it is your Responsibility to ensure they live a meaningful, healthy and enriching life.

Basic 101 to dog ownership

Puppy-proof or dog proof your house - Many ER incidents can be avoided if we practice house proofing our home. Ingesting materials that cannot be digest can be life-threatening.

Build a Pet first-aid Box at home. First Aid Box can save a life if you have it handy when an emergency occurred. Items to be included in your first aid box are;

1. Vaccine & Vet Record Paper, (Emergency Vet Contact Number) 2. Hydrogen Peroxide, 3. Antibiotic Tube, Gauze, Scissors, Tape, Rubber Gloves, Wet Wipes, 4. Towel or Blanket, 5. Collapsible Food Bowl, 6. Packaged and Bottled Food & Water, 7. Medications, 8. Extra Collar and Leash & 9. Torchlight.

To provide a good & balanced diet is a must. You can consider the various options depends on your preference. There are Packed Dry Kibbles, BARF, Wet Canned foods and Home cooked foods. My suggestion, you should use the diet that you can manage easily.

Dog Training! To train your dog is a basic requirement for all dog owners. Basic 101 classes will provide you the necessary skills set to manage your puppy. Training classes also provide the opportunity to socialize, play and how to get along with various dogs shapes and sizes.

Daily or weekly long walks. Most of our dog looks out for the daily adventure such as daily walks or sometimes long walks. The advantages of long walks can be found in my previous article. Daily walks for our dog are like our doses of daily news either via TV, Social Media or Webs. Allowing good walks will help your dog to full development of it'd senses.

Daily plays and stimulation. Our puppy has loads of energy. (dependent on the breeds) if it's not express in a proper avenue, the results can be devastating, such as digging up of the garden, chew your furniture, shoes, clothing, and anything. I look at daily walks expend Benji's physically, while daily plays, expand Benji's mind with stimulation. A tired dog is a Happy & Satisfied Dog.

Basic 101 Grooming. In basic grooming, we are referring to basic husbandry skills such as nail trimming, eyes, ears, teeth cleaning, bathing, grooming and keeping the body parts clean and dry to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

With these 7 tips, if you follow properly, your dog should enjoy and live a happy and fulfilled life together with your dog.

Being a responsible dog owner is NOT too BAD after all.

As always have fun & stay positive!

Dexter Sim

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