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Introduction to Dog Parks!

Introduction to Dog Parks!

Dog Obedience Training

Dog Park is an enclosed area for dog lovers to bring their dogs to mingle, play and socialize. It is also a great area for humans to do some catch up while exercising their pooches.

We are very fortunate in Singapore, as we do have numbers of Dog Parks to bring our dog to. Do you believe we have 13 Dog Parks in Singapore! Apart from the 13 Dog Runs that are in Service, we are expecting 2 more to be added by The year 2018.

1. BISHAN PARK DOG RUN Add: Bishan Park 2, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, Singapore 569981 Park lighting: 7pm – 10pm

2. WEST COAST PARK DOG RUN Add: West Coast Park, next to Pasir Panjang Wholesale Market Park lighting: 7 pm – 7 am

3. KATONG PARK DOG RUN Add: Katong Park, 59 Fort Rd, Singapore 439105, Junction of Meyer Road & Fort Road Park lighting: Until 10pm

4. PET MOVERS DOG RUN (PRIVATE) Add: 4 Pasir Ris Farmway II, Singapore 519318

5. SEMBAWANG PARK DOG RUN Add: Sembawang Park, End of Sembawang Road Park No Lighting

6. TAMPINES CENTRAL PARK DOG RUN Add: Blk 856 Tampines Street 82, Singapore Park Lighting: Until 10pm

7. SIMPANG BEDOK DOG RUN Add: 91 Jln Pari Burong, Singapore 488730, Jalan Pari Burong playground

8. CLEMENTI WOODS PARK DOG RUN Add: 152 West Coast Road, Singapore 127370, next to West Coast Plaza Park lighting: 7 pm – 7 am

9. SUNNY HEIGHTS DOG PARK (PRIVATE) Add: 110 Turf Club Road, Singapore 288000

10. LENGKONG ENAM TEMP PARK DOG RUN Add: Lengkong Enam Temp Park, along Jalan Selamat and Lengkong Tujuh

11. YISHUN PARK DOG RUN Add: Yishun Park, Yishun Central, Yishun Avenue 11, Singapore 769027 Park lighting: 7 pm – 7 am

12. POTONG PASIR DOG RUN Add: Block 102 Potong Pasir Avenue 1, Singapore 350102

13. MARIAM WAY DOG RUN Add: Mariam Way Playground, Junction of Old Tampines Road and Mariam Way

14. TOP by 2018 – JURONG LAKE PARK DOG RUN Located near Yuan Ching Road (only ready when Jurong Lake Park reopens in 2018.)

15. TOP by 2018 – DOG RUN (NEAR TAI GIN ROAD) Located near the Buddhist temple.

To be honest I am not a believer of Dog Run. Studies have shown, Dog Parks is the #1 area that dogfight occurred.

Why? this is because Dog Run Users are usually the regulars. Most of the Dog Runs I went, very often, the pack orders have been established. And any newcomers are regarded as an intruder.

And the most dangerous point is the Entry-Exit. Due to space constraints, both Entry and Exit are the usually the same gate. If you are observant, you will realize most tensions erupt at this area.

Here are my 6 suggestions how you can reduce your risk of dogfight at the Dog Run;

1. Observe the vibes outside the dog run, if you foresee any unusual tensions it might be better not to bring your dog in,

2. If you want to enter, quickly move through the gates and proceed to move to the inner area of the dog run,

3. Maintain the leash on your dog and allows your dog to settle down (5-10 mins working on basic commands),

4. Release your dog, however, keep a look out for your dog whereabout at all time,

5. Practise recalls in an interval of 15-30 mins to get your dog always to respond to you and to be mindful of your presence,

6. Last by not least, recall your dog the final time and leash before leaving the dog run.

I know that Dog Runs are great venues to catch up with friends and fellow dog lovers, but I like to remind you, it is your duty to ensure your dog's safety and well beings. If you do not pay attention to the whereabouts of your dog on the run, how are you going to ensure his safety?

The Safety Net of our dog is the Owner and I expect full responsibility from all dog owners. To You, He is Just a Dog, But to Your Dog, You Are Everything!

Have fun & stay positive!

Dexter Sim

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