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How to Walk Your Dog?

How to walk your dog?

Dog Obedience

How to walk your dog?

This topic seems baseless however I have seen some clients that have difficulty bringing their dog out for walk. And I've seen another group of clients who do not understand and how to manage their daily walks.

Usually your dog will love his walks. But for whatsoever reasons, he dislikes his walks, you will need to re-focus on the fun elements of the walks.

Bear in mind ONE of the GOLDEN RULE, if you want to behaviour to keep repeating itself, you will have to make it fun and rewarding.

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In this blog, we will discuss on 3 important aspect of daily walks.

1. How to prepare for walks,

2. What's the Walking System about,

3. Preparing for the End of walk.

  • How to prepare for walks?

Here we focus on owners that have dog that do not like to go for walk, which is unlikely. However if you do have such dog, I have a solution for you here.

You need to pair the sight of the leash or sound of the collar predicts something fun; like a reward with food, reward with a game of play or hug it depends on what your dog likes.

The eventual pairing is with the going out for a walk. If you dog still rejects walk, you might have to move the walks into a secondary reinforcement and the game of play or hug becomes the primarily reinforcement.

  • What's is the Walking System &

Walking System here is crucial. How do you usually does the walks? Let Benji pulls you, smell and pees on every trees? Yes I know, the smelling is good for your pup, but before he is reliable with his walk, he does not deserve the freedom...

Contrary to most believe, Positive is not permissive! We control the rewards as we demand reliable behaviours from our pup.

Back to a good walking system, I will also plan my routes with two points. I.E. Point A to Point B, I will add maybe 2-3 pit stops to allow my dog for a good 2-minutes pee, poo and smell all he want spot. And when times up, I will get my dog back in the walking path and we proceed to pit stops 2 and we let him do all his thingy again and so on ... I guarantee your dog will love the way you walk in no time. To walk your dog is to literally walk your dog to exercise him and stimulate his senses.

A satisfied dog is often a good and obedient dog.

  • Preparing the End of Walks

The preparation to end of walk is important point here, it can be an anti-climate to your pup. The common problem with most dog owner is we are all but predictable being. Your dog might already learn all your stunts.

Everytime when the cues of heading home appears, often time met with voluntary resistance. Like drop dead and refuse to get up. Vocalize and some drags you as you heads back home.

This can be addressed if we pair with great reward after the walk. Like give him a jackpot of treats, give him his favourite rawhide or play with him a good game of hide-n-seek etc... let your pup get home with anticipation of fun.

In conclusion, we uses CC to pair and associate fun to the walk, once at walk, we sometime improvise to make things more fun and lastly we pair the returning home to a great game of fun.

Have fun and stay positive!

Dexter Sim, Professional Dog Trainer

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