What is Quality of Life?

What is Quality of Life?

Quality of Life

Quality of life scales are typically used when a pet has a terminal illness or is at an end of life stage. ... In either case, the JOURNEYS scale is meant to get you thinking and considering the factors that affect your pet's happiness and sense of well-being.

I know this is not a topic we will want to discuss, but unfortunately owning a dog, the flip side of the bundle of joy, lies the decision when your dog has a terminal illness or at end of Life stage.

As a professional dog trainer for 16 years, I'm so blessed and fortunate to own many wonderful dogs, unfortunately I had to face a few such dilemma - Does your dog has a good quality of life?

Keesha was a greedy and fun loving Australian Shepherd. We are so grateful to have her for a great 6 years, growing up with such an awesome girl. She was great in Obedience, Flyball, Agility , Frisbee, Doggy Dancing and a Singapore Show Champion. Her achievements were legendary and she had blessed many others with your keen spirit and she was a literal all rounder.

In the fateful day on December 2008, I had discovered, Keesha vomited a bucket, just like she drank lots of water but vomited all out. We brought her to our vet thinking it must be just some minor infections.

To our horror, her blood work was not good, showing signs of potential kidney failure. Refusing to accept my vet's prognosis, we brought her for a 2nd opinion. Again we were hurled with harsh reality and she was diagnosed with kidney failure.

Determined to save her, we bought fluids and subcut her daily hopefully it will flush out the unwanted material in her kidney and restart her kidney again.

Dog Agility

The situation got worsen after we started her on medication. Losing her appetite, she grows skinnier and weaker. From a greedy, happy and spirited girl to a skinny, weaker and helpless girl. Tears rolls down our eyes..... we persisted with believe.

Sometime I see her put up so much efforts to engage a game of play with me, but seeing her weakness, I couldn't play on. Due to her weakness, she fell into the drain on a couple of occasions.

After fighting for a month, our final decision was to let her go due to her anemic condition. Keesha was losing blood fast where her tongue had started to rot. We wouldn't want her to lose her dignity.

It's been difficult, lots of crying, discussing, but ultimately, we wouldn't want her to continue struggling with poor quality of life. We let her go on the Eve of Chinese New Year. It was the most painful CNY for our family.

Her departure was a huge setback, but till today, if you asks me do I regret making that decision? My answer is No. Taking her out of the misery was a right choice.

I can't wait to see her again over at the rainbow bridge where we will reunite after many years.

I hope you never have to make such an unpopular decision, but should you have to, please carefully consider the quality of life of your dog. If persisting her life, leads to more pain and agony, letting her go might be a wise decision.

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