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Does Your Dog has Eyes for You?

Does your dog has eyes for you?

Dog Obedience Class

Does your dog has eyes for you? This is a Million Dollar Question!!!

Do you know a good recall can save your dog life?

Dogs that has NO or LITTLE awareness of their owners, has absolutely ZERO CHANCE to be called back. This is a HARD TRUTH! Most people does not like to hear this, but it's the Truth!

A good recall skill start with a dog that has an eye on the owner. Just like the saying: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! If only you can add values to yourself, you can never be a "beauty" in the eyes of your dog.

Looking into your eyes is a train behaviour. Just like us in human behaviour, eyes starring is a confrontation behaviour. If you stare into the eyes of a dog, it will usually resulted in a turning away to avoid eye-contact or sometime resulted in a unhappy vocalizations such as growl as a challenge.

Here are a few ways you can train the eye-contact. Not a exhaustive list, but some for you to engage and to get you a good eyes contact with your dog.

1. Play the eye-contact game.

Playing the eye contact game some may called it the Zen training. Put food into both hands, hold up both fist facing your dog side-by-side. Objective of this game is to get your dog to focus on your face and not at the fist for food.

2. Classical Conditioning.

CC is sometime use as associating of things. MARK & CLICK when your dog look into your face. Make the looking onto your face as a positive assoication thus making the behaviour repetitive.

3. Operant Conditioning and

OC as the word derive is the action of things. You can train your dog to move into your view where you can easily see him into his eyes. Creating this Zone as reward zone and boy, he will be so happy to keep getting into your reward zone.

4. Two-food game.

2-food or 2-toy game is an enriching exercise. It provide fun play as a critical element to gain rewards. If you start by throwing toy in one direction and when Max go and fetch back the toy, gently ask him to drop the toy in his mouth. The moment he drops the toy, C/T, and maintain an eye contact before throwing the other toy holding on your hand.

With these exercises, you can definitely train your dog to love staring at you. And it will definitely help in the super recall of your dog.

But I want to warn you, once they are trained, you will have a pair of eyes , eyeing on you all day long. Lol.... what a bliss .....

Have fun and stay positive.

Dexter Sim, Dog Obedience Instructor