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Huh! What a Concrete Jungle?

Huh! What, it's all Concrete Jungle?

Dog Training Singapore

It's been a roller coaster weeks for the whole family as we packed, moved back and unpacking into a concrete built up housing. Not only do the humans have to get use to it, our gang are also trying very hard to accustom to such urban living.

Hershey, Millie and Guinness, all born and raised at Rural Seletar where GREEN, FREE ROAM and AWAY from busy NEIGHBOURS are a given. Now they are confronted with all these challenges. I'm glad, they are trying to learn the new environment, learning the new house rules and how to interact with more humans....

Dog Obedience Training

After about 5 days, the gang are doing well, learning their daily toilets breaks, walks, meals and playtimes. Not all smooth, but I'm confident, we will ride it out very soon.

Training your dog to learn the cue for potty is even more critical for me now. Thanks to the constantly reinforcement, all the gang responded to pee and poo on command. It's helpful as the toilet breaks does not comes easily except for the home potty area where my gang seldom use.

Do not think your daily reinforcement training is a wasted effort, you will soon realize, it's because of your constant rewarding during training, make it so easy and ready for our dog to response to commands.

Happy Training! As always, have fun and stay positive.

Dexter Sim, Dog Trainer

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