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Dog Training Controversial!

Dog Training Controversial!

Dog Training

As a Professional Positive Dog Trainer, I have seen and heard many people, students and even trainers, telling me that the positive dog training is good but it is not reliable in the situation where distraction is high!

However my question is, so what's the training concept that you perceived that it will give you the kind of result you always wanted it. I can tell you, 85% of people will tell you correction concepts such as choke chain, prong collar and e-collar will produce that result you want.

But the question is, when you think of training your dog in such correction concepts, do you think it's going to be walking in the park?

I bet it's never. You will need to put in if not more than 100% of your effort to get your correction based training system work for you and your dog.

And if you spend the quality time trying to catch the wrong of the dog, why do you uses the same effort to reward the good behaviours your dog put forward? If you uses the choke-chain, the prong-collar and e-collar, the timing of punishment is the key! And if you spend the same energy rewarding your dog for every positive and correct behaviour, what do you think it will happens?

Do Obedience Class

I challenge today, just before you decide on the training concepts or techniques, remember the effort is the same. And if there's a better and more humane techniques to train your dog, why don't you consider it first?

And if it's not working after your 100% or more than 100% effort in training your dog, then it give you a perfect excuse to change to an aversive training concepts. But if you do it with 100% of your heart, there's no chance that you won't love the exciting and rewarding training system of Positive Dog Training Concept and/or Reward Base Training Technique!

Have fun & stay positive!

Dexter Sim, Professional Dog Trainer

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