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Perfect Routine

To build a regular routine to many dog owners, it can be too much to ask. However, if you look into the genetic makeup of a dog, they are a scavenger and a typical habitual canidae. Domestic dogs and wolves are part of a large taxonomic family called Canidae, which also includes coyotes, foxes and jackals, according to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS). Members of this family are called canids. Domestic dogs are a subspecies called Canis lupus familiaris.

Here are three quick steps to create a daily routine.

Feeding Schedule

Potty Schedule and

Alternate the two schedules

Just to give you an ideal, let me share my daily routine with you.

Potty Routine

Seven-ish is where I will prepare and bring my dogs down for their potty. Once I wake up, I will let them out of their sleeping area where they gets to sketch their paws. And soon, I will put on their leashes and off to their morning potty routine.

After that they gets to roam freely till the afternoon about Two pm , where they gets their next potty breaks.

About seven in the evening, after I prepared their meals, my dogs will get their turns for a short ten to fifteen minutes training routine, before they get to eat their dinner.

Feeding Routine

After the short training routine, they will be given their dinner.

You can add in some variation or changes in schedule that might works to your advantage, as your dog will need to depend on you to continue to enjoy the variation of expectations, hopefully it's all fun for our charges.

Having a good standard routine have many benefits and I would like to discuss on this blog post.

A Job to do

A good routine is like setting up a specific job for your puppy to do. Example of a good routine is like maintain in a STAY POSITION and wait for the door to be open before exiting the door. This stay exercise gives your puppy a job to get into the position and maintain that specific position till the release cue is given.

Chance to Train

I often heard from dog owners', they do not have time to train their dog. However, if you have good routines, routines can be training opportunity. As a professional dog trainer and also a dog owner, I will use all routine and/or opportunity to teach my dog a new skillset. Training the fetch and drops, which are essential, are easily train if we put into our daily routine. Teaching your puppy to pick up or fetch a toy and cue to drops the toy when prompted are good skill-sets can be trained during play.

Comfort Zone

Building routine are standard exercises that helps to maintain status quo. Especially for puppy that are fearful, shy, excitable, hyper-active, routine are also comfort zone to help your puppy to find familiarity and safety.

No Free Lunch

Standard routine quickly teach your puppy the TRAINING SYSTEM. The Training System tells your puppy, in the real world, there's NO FREE LUNCH, you need to do something or forgo something in order to gain another thing. Like in our Training System. if your pup do what you ASKED, the CONSEQUENCE is POSITIVE and REWARD will be GIVEN. If you do not do what you have been asked to, the consequence is negative and reward will not be given as a form of motivation.

In order to maintain your daily routines, you will have plenty opportunity to reinforce or reward. There are two GOLDEN RULES;

If you want a particular BEHAVIOUR to be REPEATED, you will need to make the situation FUN, REWARDING and EXCITING. If you do not want a particular BEHAVIOUR to be REPEATED, you will need to make the situation NOT FUN, BORING and NOT REWARDING.

To build your puppy's confidence, apart from the enrichment activities and dog sports etc. Standard routine provide an excellent platform for you to train and work your animals. And with good repetitions, good reinforcement and making good choices, our puppy will grow in STRENGTH and CONFIDENCE, thus making our puppy a THINKING PUPPY.

Reduce Boredom

As in any good routine, if the routine is healthy, fun and exciting, I am sure, our puppy will look forward to the FUN TIME. And the FUN TIME, as it's engaging, simulating and exercising. Good routine will helps to reduce boredom.

Have fun, stay safe and be positive.


Dexter Sim

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