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Remembering my Benji Boy - OT

Off Topic - Remembering DiamondIsle OTCH RES Loch-N-Legasi, Benji, CD, AD, PS1, PJ1!

Dog Frisbee, Disc Dogging

Tug of War, Dog Obedience

It’s been 17 months since Benji left us, but not until the passing of Hershey-Mama recently, I realised I owed Benji a Tribute!

A very tough year for me as a Dog Trainer, Events Organizer and Dog Owner. My prime objective has always been my DOGS FIRST POLICY. Having involved in Dog Sports, I was always running around, training my students, organizing events and I have neglected my gangs in most parts of the year. IE Training Sessions with them have fun short but fun; Events and/or Competition they have no chance to participate; most of my weekends have been devoted to my students and their dogs …….

It’s an Opportunity Cost! You can’t have the BEST of both WORLDS! Especially, when you are unable to cope up with it. The COSTS can be very “Costly”! Here I’m not talking about $$. I am talking about the time spend with your dog.

For Benji's case, it was a classic example, I had his dad, Max. And Max had been Superb, who was flying high in all sports, it's ideal for me to continue training Max to achieve the greatest achievements. Benji who was 2-years his junior was cast aside, not doing much with him for a long time.

I remembered when Benji was about 4 months old, I brought him to classes to be an assistant, as well as to socialise him. Unfortunately, he was snapped by an adult Corgi and since then, his meeting ritual with other dogs had been air-snapping. And it took me at least 3-Years to get this bad habit eradicated.

And when I finally set my eyes on Benji, he was already over his prime age.

However, he was a very lovable boy. All of my clients who met Benji fell in love with him hopelessly. Benji was a model for good behaviours. He always sits quietly in class, not disturbing the classes, but set an excellent example for many puppies and dogs alike to behave in a public.

Benji excelled in Competitive Obedience, Dog Agility, Flyball, Disc Dogging and Doggy Dancing. Benji earned his Companion Dog (C.D.) Title and an Obedience Trials Champion Reserve (OTCH. res), in Competitive Sport of Obedience. He was a Novice Class Champion, an Intermediate Class Champion, Open Class Champion.

While in the Competitive Sport of Agility, he earned his Agility Dog (A.D.) Title, Performance Standard 1 (P.S.1) and Performance Jumping 1 (P.J.1).

He was a Novice Agility Class Champion, a Novice Jumping Class Champion, a Performance Standard Agility 1 Class Champion and a Performance Jumping 1 Class Champion.

Benji took part in FLYBALL, DISC DOGGING and DOGGY DANCING demonstrations for various Organisation including the PA. And he was a Team Member of our CrazyK9 Flyball Team Singapore.

Looking back on his journey, I think Benji had surpassed our expectations.

I am forever grateful to God for allowing us to share OUR LIFE JOURNEY with Benji, even though it was eventful 14 GREAT YEARS!BENJI, you will be living in my HEART and MIND.

Fret not, I will see you in DOGGY HEAVEN soon.



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