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Dogs Safety Tips Travelling in Cars

Dogs Safety Tips Travelling in Cars

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Dogs Safety Tips When traveling in Cars

Road Trip or Outing is the most welcome and looks forward activity for our dog. And one of our main concern is the safety of the entire family that includes our family dogs. Even if you are a safe driver, you cannot enforce other road users will practice safe driving like you.

But before we talk about dogs safety in cars, we need to prepare and accustomed our dog for Car Ride. Car-sickness and vomiting are real issues when we travel with our dogs. This is also a dog safety matter and we don't want our dog to get stress up for every road trip.

I prefer the dog training methodology of back chaining, maybe I'm a Competitive Dog Obedience Competitor, back chaining has helped me a lot in solving my Dog Obedience training issues.

Dog Training Tips for Car Safety

1. Explore your dog to a stationary vehicle. Teaches him to board and alight on cues are good dog training skill sets your dog need.

2. Board your dog and drive maybe around 500m away from your home. Stopped and park your vehicle. Alight your dog and walk him back home. (You can repeat this steps till your start to like taking a ride and walk home as part of your dog training routine)

3. Go for a short trip. Maximum car ride shouldn't pass half an hour. Extend to 1-2 hours car ride

If you reached this step, your dog should already fall in love with the car ride.

Below are the 8 tips when driving with my dogs.

1. Crate to keep him safely and securely (Hard Crate is preferred, however, Soft care is more practical),

2. Use a dog-friendly Seat Belt to secure the crate or on your dog,

3.Always put my dog in the back seat of the car rather than the front seat. (Airbag can be a hazardous)

4. At no time, I will allow my dog free roam inside the car,

5. Do not leave your dog in the car on a hot day even with aircon running,

6. Do not allow your dog to sit on your lap when driving and lastly

7. Do not leave your dog alone in the car, you will never know what will happens

8. Never allow your dog to stick his head out of the windows.

At the end of the day, we want our dog to enjoys his car ride and he is safely transported from one end to another.

Whatever safety device you use, you might want to ensure that it is made to withhold his weight, types of soft materials that would not cut his skins, pull his hair and make him comfortable to enjoy his ride.

Car Safety for dog are part of dog training 101. Having your dog train is a great way to interacts, bond, trains and building the basic impulse controls. If you need help in Dog Obedience Training, kindly check out our BASIC LIFE SKILLS LEVEL 1 & 2.

PUPS introduces positive dog training concepts sequentially through our life-skill levels programs. Each level of training includes basic animal learning and understanding how dogs tick! Basic animal learning program helps students develop a basic foundation of dog training.

As always, have fun & stay positive!

Dexter Sim

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