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Baby-to-dog Introduction!

Baby-to-dog introduction!

Baby-2-dog Intro

One of the biggest moment in our life beside owning a pet dog is when we are expecting the arrival of our new born.

Just like us, our dog will need to make adjustment for this change. The whole family including our family dog will need to make conscious effort to prepare for the arrival of our child.

I'm sure, with the sensitivity and closeness, our dog can sense and smell the difference and anticipant the changes to come.

Below are the tips to prepare your dog for the home coming of your baby;

1. Introduction of baby's smell and sense,

- you must introduce your baby's sense to our dog prior to home coming. Bring home your child cloths to allow your dog to get use of this 'strange' new smell,

2. Reduce Play & Attention;

-Two-to-three days prior of baby home coming, reduce play and attention to your dog. When your child is home, you will spend less attention on your dog as you will need to attend to your baby. Your dog needs to understand such sudden change of attention is a norm.

3. Changes in routines;

- Your dog will need to know there will be possibility the change on the schedule of walks, where he sleep and potentially losses freedom due to the baby,

4. Teach the Place Command;

- Teaching a place or mat command might come handy when you need space away from your dog and baby. Your dog will love the Place to settle, as in a crate or mat.

5. Create a Safe Zone;

- Creating a Safe friendly zone is a need. A comfortable place or area where your dog can be crated or leave him in there. And your baby is safe on his bed.

6. Never leave your child with even the most trusted dog;

- You might have introduce your dog to your child when Max is on leash. At a later stage , you might also want to intro them when Max is off-leash but under careful supervision. This step is necessary to ensure your dog is absolutely comfortable in the presence of your child, his cry and loud noises make.

With proper planning of the introduction, you will unlikely to face any unpredicable situation. Your baby, dog and the entire family will thank you for the effort as it will definitely help in the situation.

Always have fun and stay positive.

Dexter Sim, Dog Trainer

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