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Training & Owning Multi-Dogs Household

Training & Owning Multi-Dogs Household

Dog Training Class

How do you train and own multi-dogs in a multi-dogs household? Can you be as successful as someone who train, own and care for an individual dog? The answer is YES and because of the beauty of Positive Dog Training and/or Reward Base DogTraining, it helps owners to train their dogs safely, reliability and responsibly. It doesn't matter if you are pet training, puppy training, potty and/or housebreaking training or competitive obedience, positive dog training ROCKS!

Dog Obedience Class

As backup by popular believe, your second dog should out perform your first. Simply because you have gone through the know-how to train, you should avoid all potential pit-holes and allow your second dog to excel. This is the best scenario. I have a personal experience to share. My first BC, his name was Max and he was one of the TOP Dog that I have trained and he had achieved many TOP awards and titles. With so much achievements, I have already forgotten the time (years), efforts, fun, love, bonds and sweats we had together to reach this level.

In a multi-dogs household even puppy toilet training, puppy potty training and/or puppy housebreaking is a different task. If you have a adult dog that is strong in character, he or she might be able to help in directing your new puppy to the toilet area, and help to show the puppy where is the correct area to do potty. And if your adult dog is a follower, he or she might be influence by the puppy to toilet, potty and housebreaking anywhere around your house.

In the aspect of dog training, when I started to train Benji (Max's son), I was comparing the two. Benji being the young puppy, I begin to think why do I need to retrain all the basics, and even the simplest thing seems so difficult? My world was crashing down! Having been a very indifferent owner, I have caused many unnecessary mistakes on my part, and if I have been mindful and remember all dogs are different; an individual and has a vast differences in character.

Thankfully, I am able to rise to the occasion, Benji has been a Star at his own rights. He is a Obedience Trials Champion Reserve (OTch), a Companion Dog Title (CD) and a Performance Jumping 1 Title (PJ1) and a Performance Standard Agility 1 Title (PS1), a Agility Dog Title and qualify for the 2008 Cynosport World Game by USDAA International Dog Agility World Championships.

Now that Benji has retired from Competitive Dog Sports, I'm turning my attention to Millie, the daughter of Max (not of the same batch), and Guinness, the daughter of Benji. Training both Millie & Guinness has it's challenges as well. Millie is a soft dog and need careful attention to build her character and interest in the Sport. Whereas Guinness is a hard dog, her drive will drive me crazy at time. Sometime I fall back to comparison again, but I'm thankful and mindful not to fall into the traps of multi-dogs household.

With lots of love and perseverance, and with the Scientific Technique of Positive Dog Training and Reward Base Methods, training has never been so much fun and both you and your dog will love to get back into another training session with you. That's the beauty of understanding Training!

Have fun & stay positive!

Dexter Sim, Dog Training

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