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The Positive Journey of Disc Dog!

The Positive Journey of Disc Dogging!

Benji , Dog Frisbee Training

Disc Dogging is the training of playing frisbee with your dog. With no particular set routine, you can train your dog to do frisbee or flying disc just for fun. Frisbee Training is a good bonding exercise and it helps to exercise our dog physically, mentally and psychologically. Disc Dogging can be physically demanding and it's advisable to do a vet check before proceeding with this great hobby. Especially in Hot & Humid Singapore, short training, water and plenty of rest is the KEY to SUCCESS!

Disc Dogging

In many countries before you embark into Disc Dogging Training, it is recommended that you bring your dog through some basic dog training classes. The basic positive dog training classes will focus on your dog's responses, attention and willingness to work. It's like going through our education system of selective curriculum , before you are ready to take on major field of discipline.

Dog Frisbee Training