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Building up a Superb Recall!

Building up a Superb Recall!

Dog Obedience Class

PUPS Bits - Building up a Superb Recall

In Dog Obedience Training, Recall is one of the essential skill. Without a good recall skill, you are unlikely to be able to get your dog back from whatever he is keen and investigating.

My personal belief is; if you cannot even get the attention of your dog, how can you expect to recall him in any given situation?

The KEY to a good, fast and reliable Recall is ATTENTION!

Training a dog to come when called is often referred to as a “Recall”. And a Reliable Recall is Spontaneous Response to his name and turns back and run towards his owner at speed.

First let’s discuss in what conditions, do we expect a reliable recall?

IF the exercise is FUN!

IF the exercise is REWARDING!

IF the exercise is WORTH the EFFORT!

When all these three elements strike, you will have a Good, Solid, Fast and Reliable Recall.

Secondly, to begin building a reliable recall, you need to start working on the response of your dog to his name. I’m assuming that you understand Clicker Training and that’s what I will do to beef up the behavior.




After 50 to 100 repetitions of the NAME equal to his RESPONSE to his name and C/T, your dog by now, find his name a Rewarding part of the exercise.

The Key Element here is REWARDING!

Thirdly, we will do fun recall such as using your dog’s favourite toy or food as reward and for him to start chasing you from one-end to the other end of the training ground.

Main objective is for your dog to chase after you, to play and have fun running back towards to the owner. (No or low distraction at this stage)

The Key Element here is FUN!

Next is for anything to be complete, we need to put the various segments together and see how it turns up as a complete exercise of Recall.

You can engage a helper to hold on the leash of your dog while you teases your dog with his favorite toy or food and run to the other end of the training ground. Call your dog and the helper will releases the leash once your dog burst off with excitement running towards you. When your dog has been successfully recalled, reward and play with him for a great job done, appreciating your dog effort to come to you.

The Key Element here is Worth the Effort!

Last but not least, we need to practice recall in any given opportunity. Not only to keep reinforcing the behavior, these recall exercises will sharper both the skill of the dog and the handlers in handling recall situation. These frequent recall exercises will maintain the elements of FUN; REWARDING AND WORTH THE EFFORT in this exercise thus making the Recall exercise is Good, Solid, Fast and Reliable Recall Skill Set.

Have fun & stay positive!

Dexter Sim, PUPS Dog Training

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