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Pneumonia in dogs

Pneumonia in dogs

Pneumonia in dogs is a prevalent disease and can occur in all breeds and stages. Although the symptoms are not acute and severe, without proper care and timely treatment, dogs with pneumonia can ultimately die. This article will help you better understand pneumonia in dogs. Thereby there will be measures to prevent as well as a treat more effectively.

Causes of pneumonia in dogs

Many factors can cause pneumonia in dogs, such as:

- Due to infection of viruses, respiratory bacteria

- By contact with other dogs with pneumonia

- Due to the sudden change in temperature from hot to cold

- By ingesting food, there are pathogens

- Due to exposure to air, tools, objects that are germs

- Because the living environment is not clean and hygienic

- Due to dogs suffering from infectious diseases such as viral enteritis; without definitive treatment or undetected

Symptoms of dogs suffering from pneumonia

- In the early stage of dog disease, there are signs of fatigue, refusal to eat, wheezing, shortness of breath, and not active as usual.

- After that, there will be additional symptoms such as high fever and red mucosa

- Dogs with lots of tears and runny nose

- A dog has a dry cough. Although coughing a little, each cough will make the dog painful and difficult. The coughing attacks will increase gradually. The most coughing time is in the early morning and at night when the temperature is low

- Dogs get more and more tired, stay still, don't go anywhere. Trying to breathe quickly, the mucous membranes of the eyes, mouth dark red and then gradually turn pale due to lack of oxygen in the blood

- If not treated promptly, the dog will die after a few days

By the above symptoms, you can ultimately determine if your dog has pneumonia or not. But to make sure you should take your pet dog to the veterinary facility to conduct X-rays.

Through this, the doctor will identify the specific disease, the fastest and most accurate way. You should immediately take the dog to the veterinary facility for examination if the dog has pneumonia, do not arbitrarily treat at home because it can lead to a life-threatening dog.

Note when taking care of dogs with pneumonia

The following notes will give you some additional ways to prevent your pet effectively.

- Vaccinate enough doses, proper procedure for dogs. Especially puppies under six months old

- Keep the dog's home clean. Leaving a dog's environment dirty, polluted, damp will create favorable conditions for viruses, bacteria, parasites to multiply and attack the dog's body.

- Clean your dog's food bowls and food utensils after each meal. Give your dog the habit of going to the toilet in the right place. And clean up the dog's waste cleanly afterward.

- When you suspect that your dog has pneumonia or bronchitis, you absolutely must not let the dog go.

- While dogs are sick, they will become anorexic and even refuse to eat. But you need to find ways to add enough nutrients to your dog during this time. Healthy, the dog will recover soon.

- Taking care of dogs with pneumonia needs to keep their dogs warm and avoid getting them too cold, especially at night, where it's not suitable for the dog's respiratory system.

- Diseased dogs should be isolated from other dogs, other animals, and also with family members to avoid spreading the disease. Also, avoid direct dog contact with the floor, whereby the virus will spread parasites and cause illness.

Through this article, we hope that readers understand some of the dangers of dogs suffering from pneumonia. And there are appropriate options if the dog has pneumonia so that the worst-case doesn't happen.

Dieu Le Linh(Dr.)

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