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Changing Podcast to Minicast!




The YEAR 2020 has been extremely challenging and eventful. We were all stunt by the COVID-19 Pandemic. All had changed since the Chinese New Year Celebration Period. The risk assessment from the Ministry Of Health had raised to DORSCON ORANGE. Within 1-2 Months, we were all under lock-down as in Circuit Breakers Restrictions. We were ordered to WORK FROM HOME and WFH has become a BUZZ WORD instantaneously.

When the reality of WFH sets in, NO WORKS is equal to NO PAY. Especially for most of the self-employed and sole-proprietors, we were left with NOTHING. MOST of us are affected and even Dog Training was listed as NON-ESSENTIAL Services.

With no one is allowed to get out of their home, let alone, seeking for Professional Dog Trainer to address your puppy issues. Very quickly, we all dive into the CYBER or ONLINE VAN WAGON. My main concerns were my existing clients, with the Circuit Breaker, they were not allowed to bring their dogs out for training classes. I have to move them to ZOOM SESSIONS in order to ensure support, training and consultancy are available at this pressing time.

But I must say, the ZOOM SESSION was an instant success. Clients were very pleased to have continuous support for their dog training needs. However, we do have some that resisted to the Cyber Training.

Almost TWO months into the lock-down, I have decided to pick up Podcasting, as I want to be able to reach another group of potential customers that may not like reading and surfing the web. These people, prefer to listen to Podcast. And I started my TRAIN YOUR DOG Podcast on 28th May 2020.

Seven Month into the Podcast, we have achieved 950 downloads, 23 Episodes(Twenty-Three) milestone and I expect to cross the ONE THOUSAND downloads by end of the year. As we are nearing our SEASON ONE, I have decided to TRANSFORM my SEASON TWO into MINICAST.

What is the difference between a Podcast and a Minicast? A Podcast is a full episode type of audio recording, with the episode duration between 30 minutes to 90 minutes long. And Podcast does we various flavours such as a SINGLE HOST, JOINT HOST and INTERVIEW. Whereas, Minicast, ONLY have a very short session usually focuses on a SINGLE TOPIC at a time. Such focus and the shorter episode will enable more listeners as people commuting to work, may have only a short travel distance to listen to an episode. Typical episode duration is 15-20 minutes.

Our MINICAST will be launched on May 3, 2021.

I hope this MINICAST will provide another perspective into Training Dog.


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