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The importance of House Rules

Canine Good Citizen

In one of the training classes in the West, I have a few very keen & motivated dogs; Casper a Maltese and Ollie a long hair Dachshund. Both have shown great attention in class. Recently we realized a dip in the attention span on the Maltese in Class.

After much discussion, we realized that it's because the owners' parents have fed him before class. Having a full stomach will not be a good idea. We are using positive dog training methods & training our dog's responses positively is our main objective.

Dog being dog, if they learned that with or without the human in their life will not affect them, human values in their heart & mind will be the lowest. Being the lowest priority, why will our dog response to the owner? The main reason why we need to keep our dog always dependent on us, for food or anything positive and good, revolve around the owner. To add value to the dog that all good & rewarding stuff comes from the owners.

In training there's no magic, neither is Dog Training a Rocket Science! However, trainers that have common sense will be able to read their dogs; what is need to gain control of the dog for better management. House Rules is what and it is all About!

PUPS Obedience Classes

Positive Dog Training uses reward base technique to train your dog. And you have to learn to have an eye for goodness. Start to reward your dog for good behaviours. Reward the sit, relaxing, non-barking, nor rude towards other dogs. A period of positive reinforcement, your dog will start offering good behaviours she’s been rewarded. You are thus making your dog a socially accepted Good Canine Citizen.

Have fun & stay positive!

Dog Trainer Course

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