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How to leash train your puppy

Thanks to Kara and the Good People at PupBox, we are able to share on how to learn to leash train your dog and the types of collar and leash that are available and its Pros and Cons.

Walking your puppy or your dog is one of the great joys of adding an animal to your home. Not only do you get to show them off to the world, but you get to explore and, at least a little bit, see things from their eyes. But a dog who hasn’t gotten great training on the leash can be tiring and troublesome, because they won’t listen and behave — especially when around other dogs or people. If they’re constantly pulling you then they’re not figuring out a mannerly way to be leash led.

Fortunately, you can find the right product and then find the right method to teach your dog to do its best on the leash.

For starters, it helps to understand how different collars and leashes work together to discourage pulling, and also how the combination works with different dog body types. Ready to learn more? This graphic can help.

Kara Whittaker

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