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Remembering my girl, Hershey-Mama!

Remembering my girl, DiamondIsle Crystal Blue,


Dog Obedience

On a fateful day on 9 January 2018, Hershey slipped into Eternality in front of my eyes.

The ordeal started at 7 am, where my poor girl kept screaming in pain. All I can be to sit and pet her to comfort her. The pain was enormous as I watch her but nothing I can do.

As I keep pet her was when she found comfort. Ultimately she lost the fight passed on. I cried so hard, watching her dead body, Our beloved Hershey Mama passed away on 9 January 2018, 9.30am.

Goodbye, My LOVE :(

Puppy Obedience

Hershey has been very special, as she was from the herding line, she possesses a strong eye and have an excellent drive. Once she locks on you, you will be history.

Hershey has a special love for Man, but very selective with Woman. Quickly she creeps into my heart and she won my heart. Of all the Bitches I had, Hershey stole a special place in my heart.

In her younger days, I wanted to groom her for Agility and Frisbee. But unfortunately, she tore her ACL on both legs one from another after good recovery over 4 years.

Since she was grounded for so many years, Hershey was trained with the most tricks.

*Setted Down *Sleep *Crawling *Bark on Command *Fetch *Hugging the pole *Weaving through legs *Pee like a boy *Open door *Closed door *Disc Doggy *Walk back *Doggy Dancing *Begging *Play Dead *Rollover

Given her strong drives, I was presented with many challenges. I have learned so much from her.

Hershey Obedience is excellent, I have no much issue with her except to manage her strong drive. She is such a darling.

Given her loyalty, Hershey just early last year protected me by barking and charging at a huge wild boar who managed to dig through my fences. I only realized what's going on when I saw the wild boar ran off with his dear life. Hershey is amazing.

I will never forget this Sweet Girl, who has filled our hearts and lives with so many memories, love, fun, anguish and you will be dearly missed.

Now, every time when I walk passes where she passed on, I will always look back and hope it's just a dream...

Nonetheless, I'm utmost grateful that God has allowed Hershey to live with us, let us enjoy having as our special girl and how we can learn to be better owners.

Hershey has a BIG Heart and she loves you without condition.

Goodbye, my girl, Daddy & Mummy will miss you!

RUN FREE Hershey, go and play with Max, Mikah, Keesha, and Benji .......

Till we see again, LOVE YOU Girl .....

Daddy & Mummy

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