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OT - XMAS is around the corner

OT - Christmas is around the corner!


I was fetching my wife from work tonight and I'm dazzled by the beautiful & awesome Christmas Decorations!

It's just 4 Fridays away for Christmas! You will realize Christmas Carols fills the air and we started to countdown to Christmas, the day when baby Jesus was born.


At this most loved festive, is where we all will start to take stock of our lives in the past Year. Did we manage to do what we set out to do? Do you have any regrets? Do you hope to set things right?

For those who have achieved what you've set out to do, Congrat! You are Amazing! Don't get complacent. Keep the work going, set your New Year's Targets and I wish you all Success.

And for those of us who have little achievements, let's be brave and start to have a good look at our lives. Where did you do well? Focus on the Positive. Where we didn't do too well, FOCUS on it and find ways how to improve them. For the part where failed miserably, FRET not focuses on them, work out incremental targets and see you achieve them steps of the way.

It's all the same with Dog Training. Where did you do well? FOCUS on it and feel great about the achievements.

Will you accept my challenge for this new year resolutions?

1. To focus & Praise your PUP every day,

2. To find a positive behaviour of your dog exhibited daily to reward,

3. To express your love by hugging your dog daily,

4. To find a positive note of your dog daily and reward your pup,

5. To give thanks daily for the great companion of your pup.

Let's take this 5 Challenges daily and make a difference in the way we see and treat our dog. Every day we are faced with tough, unkind things, people and situation, let's always set us back to normality with your dog and/or puppy.

As always have fun & stay positive!

Wishes All a Merry & Blessed Christmas!

Cheers Dexter

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