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OT - Goddess of Universe

Off Topic - Goddess of the Universe!

I had a very interesting conversation with someone at WCP while I'm waiting for my Dog Training Class to start. This uncle appear to be homeless and is sleeping at the Park.

He told me, he is the Guardian of the Universe. And Guardian of the Universe has the ability to see 'things' that we naked eyes cannot see. He seems to be saying, he can see Greed, Guilt, Honesty, Love, Hated around us.

And ONLY the Guardians got the ability to catch the bad personality and keep us sound and healthy.

And the Goddess of the Universe is a higher rank and authorities over the Guardian Of the Universe. Here's the list of Goddess of the Universe for your reference;

United States - Superman

European - Batman & Robin

Japanese - Godzilla

Chinese - Sun WuKong

Indian - Ganesha

Malay - Datuk Gong

These Goddess of Universe helps the specific person on a National and Universal level. I think he has read too much comics and trying to make sense out of his life .....

Don't you think it's interesting!

It was one of the intricate conversation I ever had.

Hope this chat will brighten your day!

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