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SKC Agility Trials on 13th July 2014!

SKC Agility Trials on 13th July 2014!

SKC Agility & Jumpers Trials

Today, we participated in Singapore Kennel Club 122nd, 123rd Agility Trials and 48th & 49th Jumpers Trials. We are honoured to have Ms Cherly Bedggood (Australia) to Judge in these Trials.

This is the first time, we are having so few Positive Warriors enrolled in the Agility & Jumpers Trials. Dogs in Season, Owner is away, Owner busy at home and Owners in ICT, leaving ONLY Happi, Bubble & Meow Heong, Broccoli & Tin Eng and Millie, Picca & Dexter.

Even thought we started the trials about an hour late, Happi & Meow begins their awesome run and came in 1st Placing at 122nd Agility Trials and a Q with 46 second. Picca, Millie and Broccoli all had some faults and did not qualify for the Class. Millie did a Supergirl A-frame and landed on the ground cliping the A-frame, if it's not because of this fault, she would have won the Agility Class.

In the afternoon, Bubble & Meow did it again and swept the 48th & 49th Jumpers Class with 1st Placing and a Qualification. And Broccoli & Tin Eng did it in style and came in 1st Placing with Q in 48th Jumpers, while Millie won 1st Placing with Q on the 49th Jumpers Class.

In the late afternoon Jumpers Class, Bubble faulted on her last bar-jump, if not she would have top the class. And Happi did it in flawless run, clearing the Open Jumpers at 31 second, 2nd Placing with Q.

Hopefully we will have some videos and pictures to share with you the awesome atomphere at the Trials Ground.

Thanks to the hardworking SKC DogSport Committee for putting together a great event and we thoroughly enjoyed the competitions.

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