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Interesting Discussion with Clients

Interesting Discussion with Clients on various Training Techniques!

July 9, 2014

Last weekend, I've some interesting discussion with my students in various training techniques and how it will stack up against posiive reinforcement technique. First of all, I'm a open-minded trainer and I enjoy discussion with people, trainers and clients on various training techniques and it's impact on dog training and their dogs.

In corrective-based training techniques, coreection or punishment is vital in some phases of their training as they believe, there will be time when the distraction is far too distracting, too attractive and too tasty then their rewards, so punishment is necesaary in this juncture.

However in reward based training technique, we uses distraction as training phase to train our dogs against distraction. And in the most distracting environments, the positively trained dogs will treat it as game with his/her owners and will response swiftly like in training.

Only trainers will no knowledge will think, positively train dogs, trains without any proofing or distractions. This is short-sighted and naive. Regardless of any training techniques, proofing against distraction is a key element in their training success.

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