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JFF Competition on 22 June 2014!

Great exciting & competitive JFF Trials on 22 June 2014!

JFF Competition, Dog Obedience

JFF Eventt, Dog Training Competition

Congratulations to all Winners at yesterday JFF Competition organized by the Singapore Kennel Club (SKC) . I'm honoured to judge the JFF Class.

The Competitive Standard in JFF was very high. I was having tough time trying to score the TOP 4 Placing. Great attention, keeness and willingness to disply by all Competitors. Another encouraging sign is we are seeing more positive train dogs in this early stage of the competition.

JFF is a FUN Competitive platform where it provide the actual trials environment for new triallers whom might want try Competition but not sure if this is their cup of tea. It provide the Ring, Stewards, Judge and the highten eniroment setting for all potential trial dogs.

With this great exposure, Triallers and dogs can prepare better for the actual Competitive Obedience Class in the near future.

With good foundation and training, I dare to say, the Obedience Scene in Singapore will be an exciting & competitive one.

As always have fun & stay positive!


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