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Obedience Skills 101 ...

Do you want an Obedient dog? How do we need to know to engage, develop and raise an Obedient Companion For Life!

Obedience 101 starts from home. Training and teaching your puppy in the best environment which your own HOME. Start where your puppy is happy, confident and relax.

After gaining some basic obedience skills such as Loose Walk Walking, Stays, Leave-it, Come and Restraint Training, the next logical step is to train outdoor. Checkout how Teddy & Wayne show you how to manage to perform all basic commands even at a highly distracting environmental such as dogs, kids, people, skaters, Cyclists, Joggers, wild chickens etc ....

Look no further, contact our friendly trainers at WhatsApp +65-8774-0168 for a free consult.



Have Fun and Stay Positive!

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