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How to stop a dog from Marking?

How to stop a dog from Marking?

When we say your pup is marking, it usually means a male intact pup or dog, pees on an upright object. It might not be very visible, but I have seen a female intact pup or dog, pees over another dog's pee in the same household.

Dogs that start to mark in their home could be responding to anxiety or stress. The hormonal influx and sexual arousal, especially in intact male dogs, may also lead to an increase in the marking behaviour.

Here are Six tips on how you can work with your pup to stop or manage to mark a behaviour in your home environment.

1. Containment Plan,

A good and solid potty routine might be the key to eliminate the marking behaviour. In the event your pup has already begun the marking behaviour, regardless of the reasons, CONTAINMENT PLAN is a great tool at hand.

When you do not have time to eyeball your pup, like you are doing your housework, work or on calls, please put your pup into a containment such as a crate or a playpen. Having your pup into the containment ZONE will prevent him to marks everywhere.

2. Cleaning up the spoils,

If your pup already marked the territory, do not need to get too upset, quickly clean up the area and remove the smell as much as possible. Unless you manage to catch your pup marking in action, your punishment will not work. Just like reinforcement, if your punishment does not reduce the marking, the punishment applied is not effective.

Instead of wasting time scolding and getting angry with your pup, quickly clean up the area so it will not encourage your pup to pee at some location.

3. Upkeep a good routine,

Maintaining a good and healthy Potty Routine might be the best bet on your marking issue. The routine does give your pup a set timing to do his potty. He might learn to hold his bladder to coincide with your predictable potty routine.

4. Use belly band,

If a regular potty routine is not possible, the belly band is a good option. The belly band wraps around your pup genital to stop his urge for marking. Even if he marks, it will be absorbed and block by the belly band.

5. Use Bandana and

Should you have tried the above options but do not seems to have any impact on stopping the marking behaviour, you can try using a soil bandana. Soak or dig the bandana with his pee and wear it around his neck. Having to smell his pee on the bandana, will stop him from marking around your house.

6. Neuter or Spay

I will need to start will a disclaimer here, if your pup has already started marking, neutering or spaying might not do the job. However, if your pup has not started marking, neuter and spay has good results in stopping marking as the surgical process stops the chemical or male hormones to produce that promotes marking behaviour.

Have fun and stay positive.


Dexter Sim

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