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AWESOMENESS in Training!

AWESOMENESS in Training, is all about having fun and fully engaged your charges to propel into achieving greatness. Have you ever seen a Class with such great ATTENTION, ACCURACY and ATTITUDE?


Like in any form of communications, the ability to communicate effectively will be the KEY to get the information from the sender to the receiver. There are verbal, physical and mechanical such as Clicker or Whistle. If you can make the CUE or COMMAND very CLEAR, your learner will understands and get into the routine very easily and quickly.


Regardless of the technique your are using, the perfect timing of the marker is critical to ensure our learner knows exactly, what behaviour he did that won him the cookie. If this is done in perfection, it will speed up your learning progress.


We are in constant war with distractions whether you like it or not. You may ask, but my dog listens to me perfectly at home. This is good for you, it mean you have done well training at home. However, if you brings your puppy out of your door, he is likely to turn into a distracted pup. And we need various types, grades of treats to increase the value to our puppy in order to get him listening to us.


Having fun and making the training fun is very important aspect. If you follow the rule of thumb, if you want a behaviour to be repeated, you need to ensure your dog is having fun and the behaviour is likely to be repeated. And it apply to the Vice Versa.


Engagement is the key to indicate the 'START' of the Training Routine. A start key, where I am able to flip the switch and my dog is already putting on the thinking cap of reinforcement. If you can flip the switch 'ON' and 'OFF' effectively, your engagement skills will enable you to quickly setup your puppy for success in training.


Everything you are willing to do, is dictated by what you are willing to forgo to get it. For example, you are willing to forgo that 3-5 minutes of your time to read this article, because you are sure of, what you get out of this article will be more valuable than using the same 3-5 minutes to do something else.

Reinforcement as rather the perceived value you will receive when you forgo something, if it's good or worth it, your puppy will be willing to do that particular behaviour again and again.


Without attention or rather having the owner's in your puppy mind will determine your success in communicating with your pup. In my opinion, if your puppy never take his eyes off you, you are very confident that, when you call your pup, he is always ready to be recalled. If your puppy, don't have you in his mind and is always distracted by the environment, you will bound to loose his attention. And if you try to recall him, you are ALWAYS 100% not successful. Getting your puppy to always checks in with you is an essential skills to have.

AWESOMENESS in training is something you can build, maintain and strengthen.

Have fun, stay safe and be positive.


Dexter Sim


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