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Does your dog refuse his daily walks?

Does your dog refuse his daily walks?

Walking on Loose Leash

Daily walks have always been a very high-value list in our pups. However, I have heard and seen, puppy or dog that doesn't want to go for daily walks.

Daily walks are an excellent way to stimulate our pup, physically, mentally and emotionally. Do you dispute such? A properly stimulated dog is a happy and satisfied dog and usually a very obedience dog.

In my previous article, I have blogged about the benefits of long walks, and if you are keen, you might want to check this out.

To-put-something-into-perspective, there are two ways why your pup will refuse his daily walks.

One, his daily walks are on the negative Reinforcement region. Do you force him to his daily walks? Punishment, verbal abuses, and even physical torment can be the leading questions on why your pup refuses his walks.

Two, his daily walks are on a positive punishment region.

Do you readily add punishment into the environment when your pup refuses his walks? Like pre- long time out sessions, our walks have always greeted with something negative in the environment.

To solve a problem, I will always find out the cause of the problem. As the famous Chinese Verbs, 'Literal no wind, there cannot be waves'

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