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Does your dog refuse his daily walks?

Does your dog refuse his daily walks?

Walking on Loose Leash

Daily walks have always been a very high-value list in our pups. However, I have heard and seen, puppy or dog that doesn't want to go for daily walks.

Daily walks are an excellent way to stimulate our pup, physically, mentally and emotionally. Do you dispute such? A properly stimulated dog is a happy and satisfied dog and usually a very obedience dog.

In my previous article, I have blogged about the benefits of long walks, and if you are keen, you might want to check this out.

To-put-something-into-perspective, there are two ways why your pup will refuse his daily walks.

One, his daily walks are on the negative Reinforcement region. Do you force him to his daily walks? Punishment, verbal abuses, and even physical torment can be the leading questions on why your pup refuses his walks.

Two, his daily walks are on a positive punishment region.

Do you readily add punishment into the environment when your pup refuses his walks? Like pre- long time out sessions, our walks have always greeted with something negative in the environment.

To solve a problem, I will always find out the cause of the problem. As the famous Chinese Verbs, 'Literal no wind, there cannot be waves'

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Here are some feasible recommendations for you to build a good daily walk routine.

1. Reverse the Cycle - If you use to bring him out for daily is in the morning, you can switch it to the evening walks. Different timing will, of course, defer the people, dogs and things you will see on your daily walks.

2. Change the Route - I used to have a similar problem with my old boy, Max. I used to bring him down for daily walks, but as I became lazy, every time he popped, we will always end up back home. Till someday, Max refuses to poop on his daily walks. His poops are like almost 45 minutes later in the walk, then he poops. After learning my lessons, I switched the routine and rule of engagement. If he doesn't poop, we will never start our daily walks and venture out. Eventually, he learned his lesson, and he popped instantly; we go out for a walk, and of course, your pup is rewarded with a good 45-60 minutes of daily walks with him.

3. Build a rewarding end. Prepare a mini party session with a good variety of treats after his daily walks, and this is counter condition his mind that daily walks equal to jackpot party sessions.

4. Makes his daily walks very short, like 15-20 minutes per walk. Restrict to maybe one daily walks per day and limit the walking duration might do the wonder. Short walks with pair conditions, your pup will love his daily walks in no time.

5. Pair his daily walks with his best treats, such as dinner or superfood. Bring the highest grade food like bacon, cheese, etc during his walks. Don't bribe your pup; use it as a reward; it will definitely go a long way.

No behaviour is unchangeable. Always remember, all behaviours are modifiable by its consequences. I have blogged about it before, and you may want to check it out.

As always, have fun and stay positive.

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