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How to teach a hyper puppy to settle down?

Bailey & LV posing together, PUPS Dog Training

Puppy is a bundle of joy, and we welcome them into our home with Open Arms.

Things or Exercises to train your hyper Puppy

1. The Settle Command

2. The Sleep Command

3. Building a very SOLID self-control skillset

To try to build a good routine by using a free shaping model to achieve at rest with good Reinforcement. Your pup will love to stay at that Relax position to gain her rewards.

Just like a human, we do have very active people, and we do have a hyperactive puppy. Regardless of the species, we need to put in a plan to address the ADHD issues.

ADHA in Dog

What are the options available for resolving hyperactivity in a dog?

1. Dog Training as an option (Highly recommended)

Work out for your dog

  • Keep your pup properly exercise and stimulated, will maintain your pup in optimum health. Let the old saying: "A Satisfied Dog is a Happy Dog." A dog that is occupied and challenges daily and frequently is usually well-behaved. How to keep your dog occupied? Maintain a good training routine, a long walk, a game of fetch, hide and seek, etc are good ways to keep your pup happy.

Give your dog a job to do

  • You may want to give your pup a job to do. A job will keep your pup occupied, and challenge, thus burning her excitement, excess energy and find a proper avenue, such as a job to manage and contain it. A job for your pup will be like, training your pup to perform a behaviour to gain a reward. I.E., Fetching the newspaper, get your slippers, bring your beer, are a job for the dog.

Catch the desired behaviours

  • This is one of my favourite exercises, find or wait for the appropriate behaviour, Mark IT, Reward and put on on Cue. Like the video above, I waited for Hershey to lie down to get the down position. And you are eventually getting her to put her head on the ground to get her reward. All these can be achieved by FREE SHAPING. You would be surprised by what behaviours your pup can offer to win your rewards.

Medication as an option

  • Methylphenidate (Ritalin) commonly utilized as a common treatment for attention deficit disorder in humans, Ritalin is commonly prescribed to help calm and de-stress hyperactive dogs. ... Although the FDA does not approve Ritalin for use with pets, veterinarians can legally prescribe this drug if your pet diagnosed with ADHD. As I'm not a Vet, I will recommend you to visit your Veterinary to get their expert advice on the use of the drug for ADHD in dogs.


  • The other safer way is to administrator aromatherapy. You need to know what essential oils safe to use with dogs.

  • Angelica Root Angelica archangelica.

  • Basil (linalool chemotype) Ocimum basilicum ct. ...

  • Bergamot Citrus bergamia, Citrus aurantium subspecies bergamia.

  • Black Pepper Piper nigrum.

  • Cajeput Melaleuca cajuputi

With so many oils and methods to choose from, here are six essential oils for dogs to get you started:

  • Cedar Oil.

  • Lavender Oil.

  • Lemongrass Oil.

  • Citronella Oil.

  • Peppermint Oil.

  • Patchouli Oil Blend (Peace & Calming)

Sterilization is an option

  • For sterilization, you might want to seek your veterinary for their advice and recommendation. Even though we have reports showing the sterilization reduces the male hormones in the dog, thus reducing aggression, hard-headed behaviour, and roaming behaviour and make your dog less hyperactive.

Having to understand the condition of your pup is the right step to find solutions. And with the options available, you can seek your Veterinary or Professional Dog Trainer to come out with an optimum plan to help your pup towards a manageable and fruitful lifestyle in your family.

Dexter Sim

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