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Triple AAA in Dog Training!

Triple AAA concept in Competitive Dog Obedience is a basis of Dog Training. I Am referring to the Mindset, Belief, and Desire to achieve what you have set out to accomplish.

Dog Obedience

What the Triple AAA and what it means and entails?

Attitude, Attention, and Accuracy

Exactly what is Dog Training, you may ask? Define the word "Training" in the dictionary; Training is:

  1. The education, instruction, or discipline of a person, animal, or thing that is being trained: e.g., He's training for the CRUFTS Dog Obedience competition.

  2. The status or condition of a person, animal, or thing who has: eg? Canine Athletes in top training.

Training produces in a controlled dog, one that does not bother the neighbours or their pets. Trained dogs do not balk at grooming procedures or veterinarian's examination. Training stimulates your dog's intelligence and gives its life meaning by letting it know how to please you.

In an emergency, training can save your dog's life! Training ensures that our favourite companion, the dog, will, and respected members of their communities when they are trained to act mannerly in the home, in public places, and the presence of other dogs.

Dog Training Singapore

We offer courses that prepare you and your dog for the skills needed for everyday life situations using only Reward-based training methods, and these courses allow you and your dog to work with others who share your goal.

Dog Training Courses are typically divided into three categories some with sub-categories;

a. "Canine Good Citizen, CGC." CGC is fun, useful, and will help you and your dog establish a closer bond. Every dog should respond to at least four basic commands to function acceptably in public: "heel," "sit," "down," and "stay." We will also train further on Attention training and behavioural training. Response to these commands gives dogs the social skills that defuse anti-canine feelings and foster good citizenship. However, your dog is not capable of training itself. It needs your help to become a Canine Good Citizen.

b. "Competitive Dog Obedience Training" This sport consists of precise and accurate training required on the part of you, the owner, and your dog. You demand attentiveness and promptness from your dog, even with distractions around. This training usually consists of Sets of exercises that a trained dog should demonstrate, which includes "Heeling," a dog walking nicely beside the owner without lunging forward or pulling. "Recall," a dog comes when called."Stand for examination (temperament testing)," a dog able to stand on command when he is required to be examined by visitors, vets, groomers without growling, barking or jumping on them. "Sit-Stays," a dog can sit stationary for a short period and wait for the owner's return even when there are distractions around. "Down-Stays," a dog will be on a stationary down position for periods waiting for the owner to come to pick him up even with distractions around him. There are also higher levels of dog obedience training depending on the goals you want in training for your dog. Often these levels are closely linked to Competitive Dog Obedience, which can be a fun sport for you and your dog. These levels of training include retrieving objects, Recall exercises with a fast drop to the down position in case of emergencies. Distance Control, to control your dogs at a distance to sit, stand, or down. Food Refusal, dogs are taught not to eat from any stranger's hand on command and directed jumping, sending your dog to a specific area, and commanding him to jump over the correct obstacle.

c. "Dog Sports." Over the years, many dog sports have, and these and dog owners can play for fun and exercise or competition. Most of these activities are open to both purebred and mixed-breed dogs. Dog sports are activities that you and your dog can participate in bringing out the best in your companion, Agility, Flyball.l.

Competitive Obedience

It does not end here, and there are other dog sports like Frisbee catching, Doggy Dancing, lure coursing, terrier trials, retrieving trials, hunting tests, herding trials, and much, much more. All these dog training can be played for fun or competition.

It's your choice. All you need is a dog with the instinct, attitude and physical capability to play the sport and your time, patience and training ability.

With proper training, you will produce a dog with the Triple-A status! Attention, Accuracy, and Attitude!

Have fun & stay positive!

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