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OT - Is it Me or Just ME!

Off Topic - Is it Me or Just ME!

Early this week I heard from a local Chinese Radio Station @100.3, about this very interesting topic on why we always meet the type of people that we don't like!

"Don't you think, the more we don't want to have anything to do with them, the more they will appear in your life?"

The contradiction is these people who you don't want to assoicate with, are people who possesess same form of character like you and you don't like them, let alone letting other people know. This is a secert that you won't want the world to know.

However we seems to possesses and impart such energies to attract these people into our life. That's why you will always see them and have to work with them.

Personally I do not agreed, as these people I'm attracting now are people I don't see eye to eye or I'm just kidding myself 😅 ....

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