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Nose Work 2 - Hide-n-Seek

Nose Work 2 - Hide-n-Seek ...

Dog hide-n-seek

Nose work is another form of Dog Training. Nose work can be classified into a few types; Search and Rescue Dogs, Bomb Sniffers Dogs, Termite detection dogs, Drug Detection Dogs, Tracking Dogs either in Police Force or Military Units.

Both my wife and myself was amazed by these great K9s serving in our community and thus brought us into the World of Dogs and the rest is history.

All highly trained dogs are into some form of fundamental training. Good foundation allows your dogs to process through training effectively. It will be better if you can start training your dog, start from puppyhood. A puppy mind is like a piece of sponge, you can introduce good fundamental in this young mind.

A must HAVE element in fundamental dog training is fun! Fun provides the feeling of happiness, builds confident, dare to commit errors, willingness to keep pressing .... these are awesome quality that comes with Fun & Positive Approaches of Dog Training System.

Look at the video, Xiao Huang and their owners are having great engagement in the Search Exercise. Good reinforcement are given, it provide an excellent platform for your dog to excel.

Especially for urban dwellers like us, opportunity for long walks, free roaming is an issue due to local enforcement laws. Engaging into games such as Search Dog Training, provides stimulation of the mind, body and soul. You will be very please to know, satisfied dogs are always good behaved dogs.

To ensure continuity in the Search, pls work in order of sequence...

1. Toy or Food Searches,

2. Toy + Owner Searches,

3. Toy + 3rd party Searches.

Toy and food search should line up to provide an easy game. IE. Hide the food or toy just 1-3 metre away from your dog. Once found, C/T, reward and celebrate. You can slowly proceed to harder search like hide behind the door or hide under a cloth or blanket.

Eventually you can transfer the Search skills from Toy to Owner search, Owner to 3rd Party search.

It's an interesting and capaviting game that all owners should learn, this game goes a long way helping dog and human relationships, keeping dogs satisfied is the prime objective.

As always, have fun, keep it positive and stay positive.

Dexter Sim, Dog Trainer

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