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Potty &/or Tricks Class - 2 weeks

Potty Training is one of the most important lessons we need to learn so that our puppy has it's potty and/or toilet training settle once and for all. In our program, we focus on either Potty and/or Tricks Training. If potty training is done properly, we can get potty training back of our head in 5 days!

If you choose the Trick Training Class, you can choose 4 out of the lists provided before to train your puppy to wow your guests and family members.

The lists of Tricks are Shake Hand, Rollover, Play-dead, Salute, Browing Bubble, flip a switch, Settle, leg-weaves etc

Obedience d-Learning: Classes



Basic Obedience program provides a step-by-step training criterion and objectives for us to learn how to understand canine language and also how to manage and handle our puppy.

This 8 weeks program consists of the various skill sets that will be taught. Walking on Loose Leash, Name Calling, Sit, Down, Stays, Leave-it, Come, Meet-n-Greet, Attention and Targeting.

By end of the 8-week online program, you will be able to handle your dog and train him/her to a Good Canine Citizen, showing off the value of a good train dog and the usefulness to mankind.

Obedience d-Learning: Classes



6 Steps to Success Clicker Training (Obedience) is one of our flagship program where clients learn about Clicker Training and how to operate in Classical and Operant Conditions.

Clicker is a Marker where it confirms your puppy that his/her has offered behaviour that is correct and he/she is going to be rewarded for the effort. With each behaviour being fun and rewarding, we can train our puppy to learn much useful and necessary behaviour.

Clicker is not offer used as a Marker, sometimes it could also be used as a bridge to provide your puppy the necessary feedback to maintain good behaviours.

Obedience d-Learning: Classes
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