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What is Life Skills Level Training?

Our training methods are based on positive motivation utilizing toys, treats, petting, and praise to make training fun and successful. You will need to bring treats and toys to class to reward your dog for trying new things! Train your dog to be an enthusiastic learner and learn skills that will be retained for life! 

Basic Good  Manners Level 1 – “Getting started with the ABCs of learning” – Starts every Monday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday 

·         Week 1 is orientation: recap training techniques and life skills training goals, start teaching recall.

Level 3 – “Strengthening Life Skills Basics”  (Also Preparation to work w/o a leash)

·         Recall – long line, no matter what!

·         Stay – sit, down, and stand with distractions. 

·         Heeling – straight lines, circles and turns. (Off-lead)

·         Distance control – sit, down

·         Pet tricks – Roll Over, Weave between the legs

Requirements to move to Level 4: Dog will heel past other dogs with leash over the shoulder or in the pocket.  The dog will stay for 1 minute down, 1-minute sitting, and 15 seconds standing with moderate distractions (handler standing on leash).  The dog will sit and down from 10 feet away.  The dog will come from 10 feet away with moderate distractions.

Level 4 –“Polishing Life Skills Basics”  

·         Recall – long line, proofing if needed.

·         Stay – sit, down, and stand at a distance for a longer time. (Out-of-Sight)

·         Competition Obedience Heeling – turns, automatic sit, fast, slow, figure eights. (Off-Lead)

·         Finish(both kinds) – dog gets into heel position

·         Agility tryouts– Broad jump and Bar jump: teach your dog to jump on command!  Also, learn other obstacles.

Requirements to move to Level 5: Dog can heel (off-leash or tab) past other dogs and distractions.  The dog will stay 10 feet away for 5 minutes down and 2 minutes sitting with heavy distractions, and 30 seconds standing while being petted.  The dog will come from 20 feet away with heavy distractions.


Training Locations:

MON NIGHT: Canberra Park; 8-9pm

FRI NIGHT: Bishan Park 2; 8-9pm

SAT MORNING: Katong Park; 10-11am

SUN MORNING: Katong Park; 10-11am

SUN MORNING: West Coast Park; 9.30-10.30am

Life Skills 3 & 4: Classes
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