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Helping You Help Your Pet

If your animal needs help with a specific physical or behavioral issue, Board & Train Services with PUPS Dog Training may be a great option for you.

Cyber Specialize Classes - Basic Obedience Training is one of the popular service, which I've been developing and perfecting since I started PUPS Dog Training, LLP, in 2003. I work closely with each one of my clients and their animals to implement my proven problem-solving programs.

Your puppy and your dog will be trained and undergo specific training programs.

After which, we will arrange for the transfer of knowledges and skills to you as the owner so that you can help your puppy or dog to transit from what they have learnt and perform at your home.

Sessions will be done online via WebEx , and with personalized plans to fit your pet’s needs.


Cyber Specialize Class - Potty Training

CSC - Potty Training - Getting a Puppy can be the most fun, exciting and fulfilling. However, the chore of the potty train a new puppy, it’s like a daunting task and almost IMPOSSIBLE!

Package: 4 Sessions, 40 mins each week

Fee: S$168.00

Is Potty Training ROCKET SCIENCE!. Of course NOT. However, it takes a little patience to achieve it. Join us for systematic approach to Potty Training.


Cyber Specialize Class - Crate Training

Crate Training is the process of teaching your puppy or dog to accept and get use to staying in a crate. And it's part of a good Repertoire of Skills.

Package: 4 Sessions, 40 mins each week

Fee: S$168.00

It is this skill-set, allow you to bring your pup out in most of my outing, Shopping, Eating, Traveling etc


Cyber Specialize Class - Scent Work

Scent Work is one of the most advanced exercise and it's easy to learn. Why? Because you do not need to teach the master how to use his nose. Scent is his most powerful weapon.

Package: 4 Sessions, 40 mins each week

Fee: S$168.00

The gist of this exercise is to differentiate the scent. Your dog will need to different 'New' from 'Old' Scent. In this class we will help you to teach your dog how to differentiate the type of toys; such as ball, dumbbell, rubber duckie etc If your dog can differentiate his toys by name or by scent, you have a good head start.

Contact me today and see how I can help you and your pet.

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