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How to upkeep your Dog Senior?

Senior Dogs, PUPS Obedience

How to upkeep your Dog Senior?

How do you know your dog is into his senior years? You can google on the dog breed standard and you will have their average lifespan and when he is expecting to go into his senior year. For example, a Great Dane, the average lifespan is 5-8 Years and 5th Years into his life, he will be considered as a senior dog.

On the other hand, a ChiHuaHua, average lifespan is 15-20 Years and 15th Years into his life, he will be considered as a senior dog.

Medium Size dog breed such as Border Collie, their average lifespan is 12-15 years and 12th Years into her life, she is considered as a senior dog.

As a gauge, SMALL DOG BREEDS will have longer lifespan, while LARGE DOG BREEDS has fairly shorter lifespan. And the MEDIUM DOG BREEDS is the average lifespan.

Factors That Contributes to your Senior's Lifespan:

Diet - A well balanced and nutritious diet will ensure a healthy body for your dog. The senior dog needs more protein lesser carbs. BARF is recommended as I can see the agile, alertness and keen spirit in my seniors. A good diet will lessen the pressure on the kidney, good digestion and absorbent are good for the body.

Weight - Any obese dog will be a certain death penalty. Imagine, you are carrying a huge body weight that is out of proportion to your body size and weight. Obesity will cause the pressure on the joints, high blood pressure, asthmatic and degraded joints.

Healthcare - For the senior dog, it is recommended to visit the Vet for a yearly examination.

Genetics - Generics is a difficult topic on it own. Usually, a dog with 'Good' genetic will have a better overall health and live a longer life compare to a dog that has 'Bad' genetic.

Vaccinations - A good vaccine record is good for your senior. Ensure you have the annual booster. Oral Care - Oral care is important as dental can inflict nerve systems and it affects the overall quality of life.

Gender - As per scientific records, female usually has a longer lifespan.

Activity Levels - Activity level is critical for your senior, never stop the activity. Once average activity stops or declines, your senior lifespan will have direct relations to senior's quality of life and eventual lifespan.

Grooming - Ensure good and clean fur cut is to ensure easy keeping and also able to inspects for any abnormality. Clipping of nails is important to senior as it affects their movement.

Training - Basic dog training is good for your senior. It keeps their mind stimulated and alert. Please do not do vigorous exercise. However, I recommend you let your senior follow his own timetable. If he needs to slow down he will, you do not need to force him to shut down. Please have regular checks by yourself for any growth, cuts or abnormality, it could save your dog's life.

Ensure suitable and appropriate activities will help to engage your senior and make his way to fulfilling and meaningful.

Dog Training for your Seniors

We all know that it is good to engage our Canine Senior with suitable activity. But, what activity or dog training is suitable for my dog senior?

Nose Work is a field sport. Nose work is training to turn on your dog's nose to start relying on their ability to SMELL and to do detection or search work.

This Canine Scent work teaches our dog to find, detect, search for TOYS, FOODS, DRUGS, and EXPLOSIVES.. In more specific roles or Skill sets, dogs are trained to find CANCER CELLS, DEAD BODY, TERMITES etc

Keep your Senior Dogs mind active and you will enjoy more years of fruitful and wonderful companionship.

Do give your dog senior lots of hug and kisses as he deserves all your attention and love.

Do not be too worried about your dog seniors, let them enjoys their golden years.

As always, have fun & stay positive!


Dexter Sim

Resident Trainer

Dexter Sim, PUPS Dog Training

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