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OT - Don't Judge too Fast

Off Topic - Don't Judge too Fast!

I read somewhere about this story and I think we should all learn from it.

Joshua went to a restaurant saw the sign - FREE WIFI HERE! It was the ONLY reason why Joshua chosen this restaurant. Upon finding a seat, Joshua requested for the Wifi Password and the waitress responded eat first. Knowing the obligation, Joshua ordered his food and upon serving, he requested for the Wifi Password, once again the waitress responded eat first. Joshua thought to himself maybe the waitress wanted him to enjoy his food before releasing the password to him.

After his meal, Joshua requested again for the password, the waitress responded again eat first. Joshua went ahead with another cup of coffee. And he requested for the password and the waitress responded eat first.

Feeling angry and offended he insisted to see the restaurant manager. When the manager arrived, Joshua requested for the Wifi Password and the Manager responded eat first. At that moment, Joshua finally come into realisation of the entire situation as he quickly glance around the restaurant and he found a sticker that state, Wifi Password = Eat First!

How often we jump the gun and pass judgement? Even in Dog Training, before our clients can explain his situations, we concluded that its because of this and that.... even for clients, sometimes I see them not willing to listen to our explaining why are we doing this, they simply jump the gun.

Just like we are all so quick to react and critical to errors. Even if we have done 50 good things, but just a simple error it would have wipe up all our goodness we did. Do you think this is fair? Let us all be kind to oneself and to our dog. If good is due, lets be generous to praise and reward our dog.

I will always learn from our dogs, they can't talk, but through their own ways they can communicate with us and more importantly, they always get what they wants.

Let's all learn to listen and NOT judge. We need to learn to lend our ears, so that we fully understands people's actual needs and address it. Sometime by lending our ears to someone is far more important then to provide them a solution.

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