Build a Post - Trials Routine!

Build a Post-Trials Routine! Building a Post-Trials Routine, what do you mean? In my previous article on Pre-Trials Routine, we have discussed on the following, now we focus on the Post-Trials Routine. Below are the trail of events or activities after the Competition. The Warm Down The warm down segment is necessary regardless of your Dog Sports Discipline, be it Competitive Dog Obedience or Dog Agility Competition. In the context of Competitive Dog Obedience, warm down segment gives you the opportunity to prepare your dog for any runoff event. Especially, when the competition is tight, we will have dogs with tied position, a run-off exercise is a fair way to differentiate the better-perform

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Different strokes for different folks… What's the meaning of the phrase 'Different strokes for different folks? Different things appeal to different people. What's the origin of the phrase 'Different strokes for different folks'? This expression began life in the USA in the 1960s. The first person is known to have used it is the boxer, Muhammed Ali. Here's an example is taken from the transcript of an interview he gave while preparing for his fight with Cleveland Williams in November 1966, in which he was explaining his boxing style: "I don't have any [big] punch. I just hit a man so many times he wished I had a punch." and, explaining his knock-out punches against Sonny Liston and Floyd Pat